Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MFBS She is the greatest~!

My Favorite Best Sister ~ Lynn is the greatest sister one could ever want.. I call her my MFBS all the time...she is my only sister so it's O.K.
Before Thanksgiving I wrote to www.Punkin'sPatch.blogspot.com
and asked her if she sold any of her yarn..
She of course said "Yes..."..
Well, to begin with my sister is the one that got me started in blogging and she always mentions punkin's patch blog to see if I had looked at posting that she had done ... So I got real acquainted with all the sheep that live on this farm... Lynn would talk about these sheep as if they were her friends.. She can tell you how Keebler first got started and Lamb Graham, Eunice and Willard and all the rest. I told her she could write a book about these sheep.. It's just so fun to hear her talk about them.. And now with Renny living on the Punkin Patch farm we now have a added story about Renny..
Well, when Punkin's Patch wrote back to me and said she had yarn I just had to buy some for making a hat and a cowl for Lynn. Here she is with the hat on and you can see Keebler's curls on her hat and a picture of Keebler.. When she opened the package she had tears and was so very happy. She thought this was the best Christmas Present she was going to receive this year. What a perfect gift to give to your sister..
She called me this morning and told me how cold it was in South Carolina and she was so glad she had the hat and the cowl... My brother, Dave lives there now and he bought her a Green House. They have been putting this together for a month and she told me today they have it all done and they were going to move in the plants that she has in her house into the green house. I asked her how she was going to heat the GH.. and she said they bought a Vornado heater and that is what she is using.. My son, Rich has a Vornado heater and it really works.. It keeps their kitchen so warm. It's drafty in his kitchen and this heater really keeps things feeling cozy..It is friendly on the electric bill and costs very little to use.
Man oh man the birds are sure busy this morning.. THey went through a suet block in two days and I just went outside and put up another one.. I have 3 different woodpeckers in this lilac bush right outside my window.. plus cardinals, blue jays , black capped chickadees and junco's and the list goes on.. They look so colorful in the snow..

When I picked up Ben yesterday at daycare, they had a sign on his classroom door that said "Please have your child come with snowpants, coat, mittens, hat and boots everyday"...
Well, I went into his closet and got his brand new snowpants Tracie bought for him to see if they fit.. They looked pretty good.. After sinching up the straps ~ I put them on him and they fit pretty good.. Plenty of room to grow into for next year..He said GranAnnie take a picture.. I love the hat ~ and his little ears poke out.. I put his name on the tag so the school would know they belong to Ben.. I also marked his coat, boots, mittens and hat.. Nothing more frustrating then not knowing what belongs to who...
The Christmas tree is on the table because I'm getting the lights on it ~ that way I don't have to bend over.. This afternoon I'm going to Tracie's house and get the last string of lights on and then Tracie and Ben can decorate it this evening.
Ben is all excited about Christmas and loves me to read about Jesus being born.. I have a small nativity scene I bought for Ben last year and I'm going to take it to his house today.. He can play with it and put the wisemen, shephards, Jesus, Angels , Mary and Joseph where he wants them.
I think it's great when children have their own manger to play with.. That is what Christmas is all about..
Have a great Tuesday everyone...Ta Ta For Now~! from Iowa....


texwisgirl said...

How cute is that! Your sister wearing a hat made from Keebler's curls! :) Very personal! I bet she loves it!

varunner said...

Love the back story on that yarn! And it looks "spindid" ;-)

Ben looks so cute in his snowsuit.

Nancy said...

Your sister looks so pleased -- what a great pair you two must make.

Ben looks happy in his snowsuit -- I bet it won't fit next winter!

rex22lbs said...

Aunt Lynn looks so warm in her hat and cowl. I'm sure it was a big hit. I'm glad Ben has snow pants. I'm not sure they could keep him inside if he didn't. Such a cutie.

Laura~peach~ said...

how sweet is that it was 10 this morning... pipes freezing and bursting all over... it is so crazy cold ... not supposed to be like that here... our sister is an hour from me so i suspect it is as cold there... whats her blog I need to follow her too :) and who knows maybe one day get to meet her :)
anyway love the pic of ben too!
hugs Laura

Home In The Hollow said...

Those snowpants look like the ones I wear when I walk in the morning with the kids. He is just TOO darn cute!!!...:)JP

Dawn said...

Oh don't you just LOVE our sisters....:) I just posted on mine too. Bet you have just as much fun as we do:)))

Dawn said...

And Ben is ADORABLE!!!!