Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who cooks for you ~ Who cooks for you~!

Last night I was laying in bed and all of a sudden right outside my bedroom window I heard the Barred Owl.. Oh I was so excited. He has a clear voice, expressive, hooting/barking hoo hoo ho-ho, hoo hoo ho-h0000000aw~! He always ends his song with a descending and rolling hoooaaaaw note.. It's almost like he is saying "Who cooks for you ~ Who cooks for you ~!
There is always another owl close by in another tree that answers back.. It's just the coolest sound and I get so excited when I hear the owls talking to each other.
These owls are 18 to 22 inches tall and have a wing span of 3 1/2 to 3 foot.. can you imagine that?
If you would like to see the Barred Owl just go to You Tube~~Owl Cam #1 Barred Owl.
Someone videoed a Barred Owl and you can see him . I love their faces it's almost shaped like a heart.. They usually live in mixed woods where they hunt rodents from perches. They usually mate this time of year and then the eggs hatch in March.. There are some live cam's that usually give a 24 x7 viewing of these owls. The babies are so cute and fuzzy. Last of February a web site called ~ The Owl Cam" will have a web cam inside the nesting box and one can watch the male bring food to the female and then watch the eggs hatch.. Then they both feed the babies.. It's very fun to watch.. The web cam is in Bernita California.
Went to church this morning.. Good to see everyone this week.. because we wasn't able to have church last Sunday because of the weather,snow and the frigid temperatures. So it was good to see everyone.. We are going to have a children's program on Christmas Eve. Just a short one... then end up with candlelight and singing songs.. I love that..
Today after church we went to Springville at a little restaurant and had lunch.. Afterwards we went to Cedar Rapids at the mall where Springville choir and band were playing.. That was really nice to see them perform... While there we were passing by the food court and there was a Flash Mob going on..a lot of people were singing the Halleluya Chorus.. Oh my,, I have seen this on You Tube on Facebook ...It just made me have lots of tears...Glad I keep Kleenex in my coat pocket.. It was wonderful~!
6 more days until Christmas... Yeah~! Tomorrow I'll get to see Ben again.. It is his turn to be at his Mom's house.. Tracie has school tomorrow evening so I will pick him up at daycare and Ben and I well have a fun evening.. I miss him..
Have a great evening, it's Sunday... ta ta for now from Iowa ... It was a sunny cold day today...Suppose to get a snowstorm tomorrow ....Let it rip~!


TexWisGirl said...

So cute! Great minds think alike!

Laura~peach~ said...

i love the owls too... but they like to mess in my fish pond... not a good plan on their behalf.
love seeing the grand kids :)

Nancy C said...

Hearing the owls at night is a special experience.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to hear owls at night too. They sound like they are keeping guard.