Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's a beautiful day~!

Made this for Home in the Hollow's granddaughter. Sure hope it fits this 2 year old.. These hats are so fun to make.. Had this one made in couple hours.. Well, put it in the mail tomorrow...

Today I went outside to burn the garbage and on the step was this; a fluttering morning dove feather.The wind was picking it up and it would flutter in the air and then drop onto the ground. It was like magic.. I thought it was soo cool. I went out to the side yard and there were lots of feathers laying on the ground.. Mr. Red Tailed Hawk had breakfast. I know he was probably hungry , but why can't he eat the suet or the black oil sunflowers like all the other birds do,,,oh well, the big bird will have a good nights sleep tonight because his stomach is full..

Went over to the neighbor's house today.. Lori is such a wonderful young lady and we have a lot of fun visiting and drinking tea. Her mom , Dara came over today to have tea with us.She lives next door to Lori.It was fun to see her mom..
Right inside the door I saw this new piece of furniture with the baskets.. She said she got it online through Target.. She bought it so her children can have a place for their hats, mittens and gloves when they come home from school.. She is so organized.
She also had hooks on the opposite wall for them to hang their coats and a place for them to put their snowy boots. I thought this was a great idea.. When her children came home from school they did just what they were suppose to do.. hats,mittens,gloves in the bins and coats hung up with boots sitting below.. The wood matches the furniture she has in her living room.. Everything just looks very tidy.

Lori had her tree up and decorated and her Christmas shopping was done and all the presents wrapped under the tree. Oh my goodness~! I don't think I know of anyone this organized..
This evening I'm going to my girls quilting sewing bee at the other neighbors house. Sharon last week had delicious blueberry/peach cobbler to go with our tea.. I'm taking my hats for show and tell and I'm making a hat for my brother (without the brim on his) for his Christmas present.
I'll be working on that while I'm there. It's a lot of fun to sit with girls that do the same thing you do. Learn new ideas and talk just about everything under the sun.. It's relaxing and I enjoy getting out once a week with the girls..
Got the Christmas tree out of the plastic tub today.. Dave and I got it altogether.. It's now standing in the front living room waiting for the lights to be put on tomorrow morning. Haven't put a tree up for 3 years and decided this year we would put one up.. Ben will like that.. I will also get the plastic tubs out and get the decorations out and put them on the tree. After tomorrow the tree will be up and decorated.. You can't imagine how hard it was to just get this done.. I have been dragging my feet for weeks.. After I saw how all the bloggers I follow have their homes decorated so brightly , I got in the mood.. Maybe I won't take it down for awhile.. or maybe it can stand there until next Christmas.. just kidding.. that won't happen.
Weatherman says lots of snow for Friday night and Saturday.. Yeah~! I got out the inner tube that we use to go down the sliding hill and Saturday or Sunday, Ben, Tracie and I can go sled riding. I take the grain shovel and sit on it with the handle going forward, use my feet to guide me right or left and use the handle to hang on to.. it's a great way to go sliding in the snow. .Dave put the right amount of air into the tube so it can go smoothly down the hill. Last time I took Ben sled riding he just laughed and laughed going down the hill.. It was so much fun.
Have a great Friday everyone.. Be careful if you are in the snow, and stay warm...
Ta Ta For Now...from Iowa...


TexWisGirl said...

Speaking of organized, sounds like you have plastic tubs for everything, all neatly stored and ready to pull out again! :)

Your hats are wonderful. I can see some being tucked into that neat basket keeper organizer thing by your friend's children now... :)

Laura~peach~ said...

all very cool stuff wish i was that organised.... i am slowly THINKING on getting into the christmas spirit...

Out on the prairie said...

I like these hats, fun colors you used.

Unknown said...'s AWESOME!!!! OMG!! If it doesn't fir her, I'll squeeze it on to my head!!! Oh, the reason Red Tails won't eat suet/seed...they are raptors which translates into "eat meat". It could be another culprit this time of year, another raptor...Cooper's Hawk...they typically go after Jays. Red tails usually are after bigger stuff...squirrels, chipmunks....:)JP

Carolina Trekker said... are having fun sled riding, tea with the girls and decorating your Christmas tree.

The Dove is not lost...he is now a Hawk soaring over your fields.

Have fun tonite sewing with the girls. Love Ya!

Sherri said...

LOVE the hats..wish I could whip something up like that!

Ludicrous Mama said...

Super cute hat! I bought a knit hat and matching booties while I was pregnant, which was ultra stupid, since it was sized for babies and she was born in June! She only wore them once, for pictures, and it was after a bath, so she was chilled from being wet. And she was only wearing a diaper. But it's the best hat ever.