Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sunset in Iowa~!~! God is good~all the time~!

I get so excited when I see a beautiful sunset ~! Dave and I went to town today for his Doctors appointment, visited with daughter-in-law Joelyn and got groceries.. Got home in time for me to get these wonderful pictures... I ran inside and got my camera and started taking pictures... As you can see I couldn't decide which ones to post so I posted them all...hee hee..... I love the squiggly clouds that are on the sun.
We had softly falling snowflakes pretty much all day.. Made me feel like I was in a snowglobe..
Tomorrow weatherman predicts 2-3 inches of snow.. WOW~! I love snow now that I'm retired . I can sit inside with a hot cup of tea and read a book or sit and read all my favorite blogs..
I'm reading a book right now called "The good daughters"..written by Joyce Maynard... It's a very good book.
While we were at Barnes & Nobles today visiting with Joelyn, she works at Starbucks.. I bought some of their tea.. Holiday Tea.. It's in a red can..I'm drinking a cup right now and Oh My ~ it tastes so good..It is a black tea and has citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon...There are 30 sachets in the can.. It's only sold at Christmas time and it would make a great gift to give someone... It was $10.95.. I plan on going back and buying one for my sister that lives in South Carolina.. She is a tea lover like me. Ta Ta For Now~from Iowa~!~!~!


Laura~peach~ said...

absolutely fantabulous pics i love them all!!!!
the tea sounds good and your sister will love the tea is it is COLD down here... was 32 at 10 pm supposed to be low 20s by morning and next week is to be cold too!

Dawn said...

Those are wonderful pictures!
So glad you got your camera:) Thank you!

varunner said...

Just gorgeous pictures!

rex22lbs said...

Wow, Incredible pictures. We had snow flurries here all day yesterday and today. It's suppose to snow the next six days. So nice to not HAVE to be somewhere. Enjoy!