Thursday, December 09, 2010

Look out for power naps~!

This blue jay looks like it has two tails.. LOL the birds are hungry this morning...

Yesterday I was working on my crochet hats and I decided to put some bacon in the oven to cook because it was needing cooked before it got to old.. Put it on the baking sheet , turned oven to 350 degrees and didn't bother to put the timer on ~ thinking my power naps are usually 15 minutes...Ha~! I work up 35 mintues later to the smell of burnt bacon.. Oh my goodness~! So I rushed out to the kitchen and opened the oven door.. smoke poured out and the smell of Yuck~!

So I put the bacon on a paper plate and took it outside to put in the field.. (That's where I put all my garbage)... I was really wanting some bacon and now it's gone...:( I must of been extra tired to sleep beyond 15 minutes.. Guess I can't trust my internal alarm clock anymore and next time I'll set the timer.. I hate to see thick sliced hickory smoked bacon go to waste.
After a while Dave came home from his trip to the work out center.. His smeller must be bad because he didn't smell a thing. He didn't even ask if I was baking something for supper..

Used to be when I was much younger and I had the four kids at home I waited till the last minute to even think about supper.. I either was playing with them or sewing or doing something ~ I would look at the clock and think ~ oh my goodness, I only have a little time to get supper going before Dave came home from work.

So I would put a onion in the oven and get it cooking.. The onion puts a wonderful smell in ones kitchen and makes one think that supper is on it's way...What this smell does is to trick that person into thinking that supper is going to be on the table soon ~ Giving me time to fix something quickly and of course the onion is served as a side or I would add the onion in whatever I was cooking . Works everytime... Now I can burn something royal and no mention of "What's cooking"..

Here's picture of the four hats I have made so far.. Oh I'm so excited I can finaly make hats that actually look good.. They are made of wool so they will be warm this winter.
One can use acrylic yarn if they want but up here in the North we go for the warm wool ,that is if you aren't allergic to wool.
Going to get 1 inch of snow today and the birds are all so busy eating this morning. There are a lot of different kind of birds sitting on my lilac bush this morning,right outside my window waiting their turn to get to the feeder.
Have a great day today and be careful taking power naps and not setting a timer.. I can still smell that burnt bacon this morning. Going to light my cinnamon candle that will over power that burnt smell. ta ta for now from Iowa..
We are having a heat wave this morning ~ it's 24 degrees right now..


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! Sorry your bacon went to waste though! The onion trick made me laugh too!

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, I'm going to give it a shot and start one tonight. Of course, you whip them out like they're nothing. Wish me luck, sweetheart!...:)JP

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the onion trick. I would have been upset about the bacon. We don't have it often and I love it.

Carolina Trekker said...

Yikes...was that the wonderful Iowa Amana Bacon?

Hint for Elf Herbie: Brother David would enjoy a knitted hat, but without the brim that turn up.
Have some more gray wool? :+)

Here's to Onions!!!

rex22lbs said...

Haha. I looked at your pictures first without reading your blog and thought you started feeding bacon to the blue jays. Good thing I came back and read it or the blue jays would be getting bacon tomorrow. Great picture!

Nancy said...

Enjoy the heat wave -- I think the bottom is going to drop out tomorrow -- snow and -3 for a low. Yikes! Stay warm!