Monday, December 13, 2010

GranAnnie "Frosty is on the window"~!

Had to laugh at Ben...On Tracie's porch the frost was on the window , it was -20 degrees outside with the wind howling. He decided to get a stool and the spatula we used when we made pancakes to scrape off the frost that had gathered on the window.. Oh I thought it was so funny.. He got all the frost off the window and then a little while later he would look and it was back. So off he went and had to scrape it off again.
Meantime I'm getting the lights on Tracie's and Ben's Christmas tree and it is really great... He is busy doing his thing and I'm busy doing my thing. So if anyone has a child that needs something to do on a frosty windy afternoon, just give him a frosted window and a spatula and scrape ~ scrape ~ scrape... he loved it and had a great time~!

Here he is after his hard work of scraping. Ben is bundled up with his favorite blanket and Nibbles.. watching VegieTales 'Pirates that do nothing.. I think that is what it's called. I popped him some popcorn and gave him some hot chocolate.. He was in hog heaven. It was so cold on Saturday I decided to stay all night. Plus there was a warning to anyone that got on the highway and needed a tow truck they would not be coming. So it was a great evening. Tracie ~ Ben and I watched the Vege-Tales movie . Sunday morning Pa Pa Dee Dee called me and said there would be no church this morning.. I stayed with Tracie and Ben all day Sunday. It was blowing and bitter cold outside.. At 4 p.m. Tracie wasn't feeling very well, so Ben and I went to the grocery store. He loves Hy-Vee. He wanted a bag of oranges, brocoli and Cheeto's.. :) We stopped at Culvers and I got supper for Tracie, Ben and myself and went to Tracie's house.. He got a hotdog with fries... It was good not to have to cook and it tasted good. Came home about 9 p.m. after the Amazing Race.. couldn't miss that because it was the final show..
This morning after feeding the birds and putting water in the heated bird bath I came inside and had my coffee and ate my breakfast. I watched the birds at the feeders for a long while and then decided I best get the decorations out of the box and get my tree decorated. Now I can put the plastic tubs back in the closet and ta da my tree is finally decorated.. It looks good and tonight I can turn on the lights and watch the lights from the tree light up the room.. It will look cozy in there.
The wind has finally stopped blowing and the sun is out ~ it's 5 degrees right now. The roads are cleared off except for a few icy spots. School was delayed for 2 hours for the school kids and I'm still in my P J's... Yeah~!
This morning my devotion was about "Preparing for your biggest test".
Gensis 22:1,2, Hebrew 11:8 We can walk with God, yet not know the details of our destiny. When God makes you a promise, the timeline is up to Him. We can have faith in one area, yet experience fear in another. We all have times when we cave in to fear, self-interst, or other peoples demands. Were it not for God's grace we'd all be disqualified~!
We have to surrender to God and let him be in charge.. You simply let go and let God have His way.. (for me that is hard to do)...
Have a great Monday~! ta ta for now...from Iowa


texwisgirl said...

So cute with his spatula! :)

varunner said...

We've never seen Veggie Tales here. Seems everyone loves that show though.
Loving the scraper idea!

Laura~peach~ said...

he is so adorable~

rex22lbs said...

We a helper that Ben is. I love the hat turned backwards. We had to snuggle under blankets here also because of the cold. Ben's grocery list is so cute and short. Such a funny boy. Keep Warm!

Nancy said...

That little Ben weilds a mean spatula! Maybe he could come over to my house and scrape Mary's window. It's always frosted over. :)