Sunday, December 05, 2010

Baby it must be warm outside~! 2 thumbs up~!

It's 13 degrees outside and a sunny day in Iowa..~! Just getting out of church this afternoon. Pastor Scott who is our youth minister at our church had a ordination ceremony today.. It was so wonderful~! Lots of praying ~ I went up front and laid hands on Scott and prayed over him ~ oh my goodness you could feel the Holy Spirit there.. I came back to my seat feeling overwhelmed.. It was awesome~! After the ceremony ~ cake, coffee, juice and water was served. It was tiggeriffic.
We have this guy in our church that is so fussy and I always do something funny to him . I told him he needs to let his hair down.. Whenever I do something like this he always laughs and says you need to respect your elders... I told him I was...I told him if I didn't keep him on his toes when I was around he would not be able to smile.. His name is Ross.. I found some paper towel and put some ice melt in the towel and then I put masking tape around the paper towel and put it in his jacket pocket.. It will be interesting to see what he thinks.. He will know where it came from.. His wife is like me and I know she will laugh about what he finds.
AS WE came out of church I saw Fred ~ one of our deacons in his convertible with his son, Nathan.. They had the top down and Nathan was laughing, yelling and doing a thumbs up.. I told him to wait I wanted to take a picture. They only live 2 miles from church...Oh what a memory Fred is giving Nathan.. Nathan will remember this for along time... I thought it was so fun..
Wait until Fred gets home and finds a paper towel in his pocket with ice melt wrapped up . Fred thought it was so funny to do it to Ross, he helped me get it altogether and kept Ross busy while I deposited it into his pocket.. I love doing stuff like this...people that know me expect it from me.. Of course when I'm around Dave I can't do this.. he is too formal... no funnies going on with Dave.
Course other people always like to do funnies to Dave. Like put lard in his waterless cleaner he has in the shop to clean his hands.. A young boy , named Andy did this to Dave one year...
We all had fun watching Dave slide that stuff all over his hands and then watch his face when he realized it wasn't working.. and then know he had been tricked.. He laughed with us... A person has to have fun once in awhile..

This is the snow we received.. 3 inches.. Everything looks so pretty and white... My birds were busy at the feeders and they were lined up like airplanes trying to land at Chicago Airport.. to get to the feeder..
This morning my daily devotion was right on the mark...came from 2 Kings 13:18
Aim, Shoot, and Keep Shooting~!
When the king of Israel needed a strategy for defeating the Syrians he turned to the prophet Elisha, who told him. "Take a bow and some arrows." So he took himself a bow and some arrows.. Then he said to the king of Israel, "Put your hand on the bow' so he put his hand on it and Elisha put his hands on the king's hands. And he said ,"Open the arrow of the Lord's deliverance and the arrow of deliverance from Syria: for you must strike the Syrians at Aphek till you have destroyed them.."Then he said, Take the arrows; so he took them. and he said to the king of Israel, "Strike the ground; so he struck three times and stopped.. And the man of God was angry with him, and said. You should have strick five or six times; then you would have struck Syria till you had destroyed it~! But now you will strike Syria only three times"..(vv. 15-19 )
What are you asking God to do? Save someone you love? Provide finances? Help you break a habit? Succeed in your career? FInd out what He has promised you in Hi s Word, and use those promises like arrows. Aim them at your problem, shoot, and keep shooting until God moves on your behalf.. If this story teaches us anything, it's this: there are situations in life when faith and persistence not only determine your victory, but the extent to which you win. So aim, shoot, and keep shooting~!
Have a great and fun day~! ta ta for now from Iowa 13 degrees and


Janey said...

aw, I love this-- aim and shoot! You've given me inspiration for the day, and a laugh over the ice melt in the jacket. :-) Thanks!

texwisgirl said...

Keep those birdies happy - and fatten 'em up plenty before you send them this way or they'll eat me out of house and home!

Glad you Iowans can enjoy a good prank and a red convertible in 13 degree weather! :)

Changes in the wind said...

Burrr it's cold your way....

rex22lbs said...

What a brave soul Fred is. Wow, at least it was sunny when he had the top down. Enjoy the snow.

Dana said...

A giggle does everyone a little good. And I think I'm looking forward to our first real snow.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, I will never stop aiming or shooting! I know HE is with me! I received a sign from Him today!...:)JP