Saturday, November 06, 2010

When your glasses frost over you know it's cold outside.

Went outside this morning to feed the finches and get the morning paper. Oh my goodness ~ it is chilly out this morning. Sunny and 23 degrees.. It is going to warm up to the 50's today and be a nice day.. Planning on going outside and get the pumpkins carried out to the pasture, put lawn chairs back to the shed and pick up sticks from strong wind we had that lasted for 3 days.
When I came back inside this morning my glasses were fogged over.. Yikes~! it's that time of year. My glasses are sitting on my newly made hot plate that I made for the kitchen to put on my table when I have hot casserole dishes to serve soup ,lasagna, ect.. It's locker hooking and my next project is going to be a rug for my kitchen.. This is such an easy project and you can wash them in the machine on gentle cycle ~ even vacuuming them...IT looks like a rug that has been made with a loom. or a braided rug. It would be a great Christmas present for family and friends.

It's a beautiful morning and I should put on my clothes and take a walk down the pasture lane and look at all the frosted wonders that Jack Frost left last night.

I have been up since 6 a.m and now it's almost 9:30 and I have been sitting here all morning, drinking my coffee and watching the sun come up and reading all the blogs I follow.. It's been a very relaxing and wonderful morning so far. I found this new blog called Sweetest Jane and she talks about 'How to get your babies (i think it should say "Children) to clean your bathroom.." She has some wonderful tips ~ not new to me but good to read that someone else has the same idea on how to get your children to help with cleaning ~ cooking~ and other things around the house. Children work best if you are working right along side of them. I'm trying to incorporate these same ideas for Ben.. He loves having his own pistol grip and clean rag and a bucket to carry his things for cleaning. He just loves to clean the bathroom stool... How cool is that~! A little soda and white vinegar foaming in the stool....whoosh whoosh with the brush and then flush.. oh we want to do it again? sure one more time.. why not..

Here's the pumpkins and a look at the back yard/field.. the corn has been harvested and the field has the look of wide open spaces again. I heard the pheasants cackling to each other this morning.
I also saw Mr. Red tail Hawk looking for his morning meal.. No wonder there are no birds at the feeders this morning. Why can't he just eat birdseed and suet like these birds do?
OR go a mile up the road and feast on the raccoon that is dead on the road. I know they have to eat tooo, but my wild birds? no..don't think so.
Time to get dressed I guess,, get the material cut and ready to make my rug today.. I love watching college football games so I'll be doing my rug while watching the Hawkeyes I suppose. Would rather be watching Iowa State but don't think they are going to be on our channels today.
My hubby is a frequent channel changer ~ So I'm sure we will be watching several games.
Must get outside and get all my things done that I wanted to do today so later today I can sit and play... Ben is with his Dad today so he won't be around to help me... Dog-gone.
Have a great and blessed day~! ta ta from Iowa where the tall corn grows.. it's now 35 degrees and still sunny.. It's warming up ~!


Dawn said...

I can't wait to see your creation:))))

Happy Saturday to you!!!

varunner said...

might have to check out that blog. I could always go for more helpful children ;-)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

very cool stuff cant wait to see more :)

rex22lbs said...

Feed my birds also this morning and it was soooo cold. 26 degrees here. The finches are going thru the finch food like there is no tomorrow. The woodpeckers and nuthatches are loving the suet. Enjoy the day!

Home In The Hollow said...'s in the low 30's here too, Annie! It will be frosty when I walk with the kids this morning too...:)

Joycee said...

I love that hot pad, you make them? We had a couple nights in the 20's last week so Winter is coming here too! I don't venture out early unless I have to...I'm a bit of a slug in the colder months! Started putting some of the Christmas stuff outside yesterday since we had a nice day. The following two weekends are supposed to be COLD!