Thursday, November 04, 2010

What a wonderful day~!

Took Ben to the Doctor's office in Cedar Rapids, Ia and they took his cast off today.. He didn't want it off...last time they took it off his leg hurt really bad.. Today he was surprised,, it didn't hurt... While they were taking this cast off he was shaking really bad.. He said, it tickled.. Leg looks really good. Xray showed the fracture is healing and you could see that their was new bone growth. They put a boot on him which he really liked...he said "It felt good".

Here he is sitting with mom, Tracie, our daughter..
He said "Itches".. So they gave him a piece of gauze to rub it and not to itch it with his finger nails.. They had some cream close by and I put some cream on it and that took care of the itching.
He has his beloved Nibbles with him..Nibbles is the most educated bunny I know and has had lots of adventures with Ben. His heel was a little pruny looking but everything else looked good.

Tracie downloaded puzzles on her phone. Here he is with Nibbles putting the puzzles together.. He is happy. Looks like Nibbles needs a bath.. His nose is dirty... It will have to be washed on the gentle cycle.. Nibbles is starting to look WELL loved!~! I love to see these kind of stuffed animals..

He is focused... with those puzzles. Good thing she has this ~ it gave him something to do while we waited to go for Xrays and then getting fitted for a boot and having the boot put on and seeing if it was O.K..
He is doing quite well with the boot and doesn't seem to slow him down.. The bottom of the boot is slippery so he has to be careful on tile floors. I think I'll put one of those hospital socks over this boot so he has traction..
3 more weeks wearing the boot and ta da if everything heals right ~ Ben is free~!
When I picked him up today before I took him to get his cast off, we passed by where all the bales were that he had jumped on and hurt his leg.. I said "Ben, you want to stop and jump on those bales"... He said NOOOOO way GranAnnie...~! Hurts~! at least he remembers..
Have a great Thursday~! ta ta for now,, from Iowa..where the tall corn grows.. It's 42 degrees, a little chilly but the sun is out... Hoo-Ray..~!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool to have the cast gone! glad he is not hurting... and love the well loved bunny!

Joycee said...

Thanks so much for coming to Granny Mountain for a visit and I couldn't help but laugh, I bet you have seen about everything being a bus driver! I should have known better going to the bus stop in robe and slippers. So glad Ben has learned his lesson and soon he's be free of the cast and the boot. Come visit often...

Home In The Hollow said...

Your little Ben is quite the man!!! Glad all went well with x-rays...:)JP

Nicole said...

Glad he was healed up nicely! Those puzzle games are a lot of fun for the kids!!
I am sure that they are going to have a hard time keeping up with him even with the boot on!
Glad the sun was out for you even though it was already that cold!
Have a great night!!