Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Highlight of my week-end~!

This is picture of the breakfast that I ordered on Monday morning at Egg Harbor in Barrington, Illinois.. The kids went off to school and Rich, Lisa, Dave and I went out for breakfast. My favorite meal to go out to eat.. I love going to Egg Harbor , the food is always so good. Dave and I left at 11 a.m. and started back home... We left this area and it was almost 70 degrees.. When we got home it was in the low 40's.. A deffinent difference.. This morning it's 22 degrees.. But it's sunny... We had a great week-end and it's good to be back home..
Had a great time geocaching in Dwight, Illinois while Dave attended the board meeting of the U.S.A. plowing organization. He is the president. I found 6 caches and couldn't fine 1...I have found a total of 543 caches. It was a beautiful day ~ sunny and 52 degrees. Now I have the bug again and ready to go find some caches in my area here in Iowa.

On Saturday after the meeting we went to see my son, Rich . He lives in Barrington, Illinois.. It was so good to see John, Kelly and Emily. Kelly told me at church the next day she was going to be baptized.. Oh, I was so excited for her. They go to Willow Creek Community Church.. It's a really big church and I always enjoy going to church here.. I forgot my good camera at home so I used my cell phone camera. Can't see her picture very well on the big screen.. But you can see her in the big pool of water on the stage.. She is on the right.. I had tears of Joy running down my face I was so happy. There were 100 people that took turns that morning to get baptized.. There was quite a lot of clapping, shouting and crying for loved ones being baptized. Families and friends were invited to go on stage to give our loved ones hugs and kisses... We all went and it was fantastic~! I gave Kelly the biggest hug and kiss.. Her Dad was in tears he was so overwhelmed.. It was a proud moment~!..
We went to Portillo's for dinner after church and then went home.. Rich and I went shopping. He had quite a few places he needed to stop and get things that he needed or his family needed..
Rich and Lisa went out to dinner with Richard's Men's prayer group and I stayed home with the kids.. They watched the movie "The Christmas Story".. very funny movie.. I got all the laundry together and washed all the clothes.. There was quite a few loads that needed to be done.~!
Monday evening I took care of Ben while Tracie went to school... When I picked him up at daycare ~ He came running and yelled "GranAnnie".. He was so excited to see me. I took him to his house and we had supper and then we played Thomas the Train ,, read lots of books, played on the super Nintendo and gave him a bath.. He went right to bed with Nibbles and his chocolate milk .. He was asleep in 10 minutes. When Tracie came home she massaged my back.. WOW that felt really good.. I'm so glad she is going to massage school... This is great.~!
It's now Tuesday evening and I'm ready for bed.. ta ta for now from Iowa.. It's 19 degrees right now... That is so cold... yes, I know it's suppose to be cold.. We have had a fantastic fall... No complaints from me. I'm ready for the next season.. Let it Snow-Let it Snow-Let it Snow...


Laura~peach~ said...

lovely food, LOVE baptism! and love ben!

Dawn said...

543 CACHES!!!! WOW! You are quite the hunter:) I don't think we have found more than 15!
Lucky you she is in massage....think she would want to come stay here for awhile?;)

Have a wonderful new day,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow. I want that breakfast.

JSpeas said...

Wow, breakfast looks good. Glad you had a great weekend with Rich. Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Yum.543 caches,good job.I once thought that I would enjoy doing this...it must be loads of fun.


And thaks so much for visiting LazyonLoblolly,and the comment.

The vine,Virginia creeper,yep,it creeps around here every where.(*@*)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The breakfast looks great! I have heard wonderful things about Willow Creek.