Friday, November 12, 2010

Don't laugh this works~!~!

Brother Dave called me last night while I was at the neighbor's house. He said when you go shopping tomorrow you have to buy this stuff.. It's Hartz Infusions Conditioning Herbal Shampoo... I said "Isn't that for dogs?" I don't have a dog.. No, he said it's for you to take a shower with or a bath... I was thinking ~ O.K. he has lost one of his rockers... He said "Remember how my skin gets when it's winter time? I said Yes,, it's very dry and really a itchy problem.. He said this works wonders for my dry skin.. He was telling me how soft his skin is now and the itchy flakiness is gone.He said not to use it to wash your hair, makes it really greasy. So today while I was at the grocery store I went down the dog/cat aisle and sure enough there it was.. SO I bought it and came home and washed my hands and my lower arms.. m-m-well it smells good,, it has little blue flakes in the soap, and YES, it made my hands and arms feel very soft.. Can hardly wait to take a shower to get the over all body effect. If this helps my dry skin problem that I have I will be so happy. My back itches so bad ~ I have one of those chinese back scratches's and I use it a lot because my back is a constant itch all the time. So I'm recommending this product right away because I can feel the difference just using it on my hands. It was $5.28 and if it works I will retire my Dove bath wash that I use that costs just about this much. If any of you are brave enough to use this let me know how well you liked it.. I'm going to take it over to Ben's house and see how it does with him. He has very dry skin and I think this well be the key to helping his dry skin. It would probably be good to use on Rocco,,the Italian Greyhound Dog,,,he really has itchy skin...Good for dogs and People... LOL

Well, here is my neighbor , Sharon. I told her I needed a picture of her and her sewing room... Look at that quilt she has all cut out ready to sew. It's going to be beautiful. There were only 3 girls there last night and they all had different projects. I took my locker hooking project that I'm making and I worked on that the whole evening. I'm working on a 30x36 rug that I'm making for my kitchen.. It's going to take me awhile to get done but it's going to be a real nice addition to my kitchen. We all show up at Sharon's at 7:30 and I left at 10:00 p.m. Had a great time visiting with the girls and it was very relaxing. She makes tea and last night she had chocolate chip bars.. Oh my goodness they were so good. I had a small piece..with my tea..
My daily devotion was really good this morning. "Everyone who has will be given more"Matt:25:29. Every accomplishment starts with a decision. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Jesus gave us the parable of a businessman who gave one employee ten talents to invest and he doubled them.. 2nd employee received 5 talents and he doubled them too. 3rd employee received 1 talent and he buried it. The master was mad, it's criminal to live cautiously like that.. Matt:25:26 Jesus ended His parable saying,"Everyone who has will be given more...WHoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him." Our goal should be to maximize the investment on everything we do. Ken Blanchard calls this getting the highest return on life.. It means putting all your eggs in God's basket (don't worry, He won't drop them~!) to get more , you must use what God's already given you. When we step out in faith, God moves, and extraordinary things happen. John Mason says: "Not what we have but what we use, not what we see but what we choose--these are the things that mar or bless human happiness." When we limit what we will do, we limit what we can do.. Think: If you don't act now, what will it ultimately cost you? Good point...have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa...
it's a cloudy rainy day... 43degrees.. No sunrise showing this morning ~ just clouds... I always say if you don't like today wait until tomorrow...


varunner said...

I need to get that shampoo to try on our dog. He is always super itchy (he's a border collie).

we had some prescription aloe dog shampoo in our shower from trying to combat his itchies and my mom accidentally used it to wash her hair. It made her hair super greasy and she said it took her 3 washes to get her hair normal again, LOL!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok for years we suffer with dry itchy legs... itchy to the point of we about peel the skin off scratching... I WILL BE TRYING THIS

Dawn said...

Oh I Like that!!! ":If you don't like today wait til tomorrow!" :))))
I will remember that:0)

Sounds like he needs to be in a commercial to sell that stuff;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!