Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I love my grandogs~!

There was a special on Public Television this evening about dogs. They know what we need because they watch our faces.. Our faces have the expressions that they feed off of and know when we are sad, happy, angry ect. It said that people with dogs will have a less chance of having a heart attack.. Dogs look at the left side of our faces first , I thought that was very interesting. They sense when danger is present.
This is Rich's dog and John,Kelly,Emily my grandchildren's dog. Izzy is a English Springer Spaniel.. She is a very loved dog who is at your side always.. Course she has a ball in her mouth and wants you to throw it to her. We are at Jodie's house in Michigan on Lake Muskegon. What a beautiful place to live. Izzy loves it here because she is a water dog.. The kids threw the ball all afternoon and Izzy jumped in and got the ball. After awhile she would just drop the ball in the water and go after it. She would repeat this over and over. Needless to say she took a long nap that evening after it got dark.. I love Izzy and love it when she comes to the farm to stay on her mini-vacation. The three kids take turns coming to the farm one week at a time. And Izzy has a turn also, after all she is our grandog.

Now this dog is Rocco...he is an Italian Greyhound.. HE is a fast runner and he loves coming to the farm too. He belongs to Tracie and Ben... All summer he tried to get the ground squirrels that have homes all over the place in our yard.. HE never caught one... Rocco loves to sleep under covers regardless if it's cold or hot in the room. He loves to sit on your lap like Izzy and be loved... Ben loves his dog and pets him a lot.
Dogs make me happy and they have a way of making me laugh.. Laughter has an immediate effect on our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle and brain activity, it influences how our body handles disease by activating your immune system. A cheerful heart is good medicine....a broken spirit saps a person's strength. (Proverbs 17:22)
Ta ta for now,,, from Iowa where it's actually nice outside 47 degrees and all is calm and I'm a happy person who laughs a lot~!


Dawn said...

I love that verse. I always think of it when I feel down and think I should get to laughing about something. I need another dog:))
Have one wonderful happy day!
(Thank you for your sweet comments on my post. They make me smile and of course...very smiley:)))

Laura ~Peach~ said...

dogs are wonderful!
laughter is the best...
cool here but will be upper 70s later today loving this weather :)

rex22lbs said...

I remember those fun days this summer. Izzy is such a great dog and Rocco keeps you soooo warm.