Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ben is my big helper~!

Picked up Ben yesterday from daycare. We went right to his Mommie's house.. The night before Rocco the dog spilled Ben's hot chocolate all over the floor.I cleaned up as much as I could. I brought my mop with me today and Ben & I scrubbed the kitchen floor.. Good thing there are two brooms and I had two mops. He was right in there helping me. He loved it.. He loves to take the dust broom and dust pan and gather up what was swept into a pile.. At my house he likes using the dust buster..gets those Asian potato bugs.. they look like lady bugs but are not...
Here's Mr. Cool ~! He found his MaMa's sunglasses and said "GranAnnie take my picture..".

I love these cardboard blocks.. Tracie had a friend over last night to practice what she has learned at massage school. Kim had her little boy with her and Ben and Jacob had a great time building with these blocks..

Here are the boys saying goodbye to each other . They had a great time playing.. the clock says 9 p.m. time for these little ones to go to bed..
Today Dave went to help his friend fix his John Deere Tractor.. Yeah ~ I rearranged the furniture in my living room and got my house cleaned . I love to move furniture around and put things in differect spots or just get rid of it.. My living room looks so much better.
In my bible devotion this morning it talks about people comparing ourselves with others. 2 Cor. 10:12 says When they measure themselves by themselves they are not wise.
Some of us are given five talents, some two, and some one. Our talents, not your wishes determine your potential. One talent people who make the most of what they've been given receive the same "well done' as five-talent people. The person who gets into trouble is the one who's afraid to take the risk; the biggest mistake is their unwillingness to make a mistake. Successful people do what's expected of them-plus a little bit more. So, the word for you today is---strive for progress not perfection.~! I like that whether it's in our marriages or our daily lives... have a great day...ta ta for now from Iowa where it's 36 degrees and it's going to be a really nice day again.. Yeah~!~!~!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, could you send those two cuties over to LazyonLoblolly,I need help

rex22lbs said...

Hi Ben! Thanks for helping out Grannie Annie. I love his blue plaid shirt. It makes him look so grown up.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, my son used to help me clean when he was little too!...:)JP