Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The day after the Election.

Well, I'm tired this morning. Worked at the voting poll in Springville, Iowa from 6 a.m to 10:20p.m... Got home at 10:30p.m.. We had 738 voters yesterday..the largest voting record in a long time. I love helping out but at the end of the day and one has to count the books that you wrote into when people signed there names has to match the number on the voting machine where the ballots go into. Yikes.. I had to count mine 3 times before I got it right.. Then we had two ballots, yellow for the people that lived in the country and white for the people that lived in the city of Springville... So those had to be counted out separately and then had to balance with the total voters.. It was crazy counting.. The gal I worked with was busy just like me.. There were 4 of us working the polls and starting at 7 when the polls opened until 9 we were busy busy busy..Good thiing I brought finger food and snacks... No time to eat or hardly take a break... It was a constant line of people.. We are not suppose to eat at our tables where we are working but snack food is o.k. Sure am glad I brought crackers, cheese and fruit.. I could just pop it into my mouth and still do what was needed.. I am so glad the elections are over... and my guys won who I voted for..
Today I am going to pick up Ben at daycare at noon to take him to Cedar Rapids to get his cast off.. He will be getting a boot.. It's a good thing because he has worn this cast to where he is needing a new one . THe boot will be good for him.. His daddy took him to the dentist this morning so his teeth and his leg will be in good shape.. He grinds his teeth at night just like Aunt Jodie did when she was this age. So when he gets older he will have to have braces..
It's a beautiful day here in Iowa.. 45 degrees , sunny and no wind... Fantastic~!
Have a great Wednesday everyone... ta ta for now~ from Iowa...


Home In The Hollow said...

Way to go for working the polls! Glad to hear Ben is getting "the boot" (I just had to say that!)...he'll probably be a little perplexed when he sees what lies beneath that cast and how it smells!!!....:)JP

Laura ~Peach~ said...

teeth grinding is a sign of anemia... yeah to the polls