Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My son, Rich that lives in Barrington, Illinois made a Zip line in his back yard.. It is 15 feet in the air and starts at the tree house and zips across the whole back yard.... All the kids big and little went outside to take a ride.. When it was Ben's turn he climbed up the steps that lead up to the tree house.. No fear with this kid... He was ready~!
Here he is after his first ride and he was all smiles... He said "Go again GranAnnie".. I helped him get down and off he went up the ladder again... He had to learn to take his turn.. It was a beautiful day and not too cold outside..

Here he is taking off~! He was laughing and shouting ~! I told him to hang on,,get your hands on the ropes... Goodness to be he has no fear.. He has a boot on his broken leg and that doesn't seem to stop him from doing anything he wants to do..

Here is Emily (age 9) getting ready for her Dad to let go and Zip across the line. Ben was so excited.. I just love his face peeking around the tree.. Sophia on the right is waiting for her turn.. Sophia is Rich's fiance's daughter... She is 5 years old.. First time off for Sophia was really scary for her but after the first ride she was ready to go again and again.
GranAnnie didn't go but Rich and fiance ~ Lisa went on the Zip line.. Such fun they had all afternoon.
When I was a little girl my Dad built our family a Zipline.. from the top of our barn across the pasture.. We had so much fun and have lots of memories...
Had a great Thanksgiving in Illinois.. We didn't have Thanksgiving until Saturday. Friday we baked the pies, made chilli . Saturday got the turkey into the roasting pan, made the dinner rolls, pies and all the fixing 's that goes with Thanksgiving.. Everything tasted good and another Thanksgiving in the memory book..I love Thanksgiving... Dave, Tracie (our daughter). Ben and
I got the car packed on Sunday morning...We left at 10 a.m. We stopped at Savannah, Illinois to eat pizza at Pizza Hut and then visited a historical train. Ben had a great time climbing on with Nibbles his favorite stuffed rabbit.. When we got to the car and drove for 5 miles I noticed that Nibbles was not in the car.. Dave turned around and we went back.. Ben was pretty worried. When we drove into the parking lot he saw him,,,he undid his seat belt and climbed over me and ran to get his precious bunny.. When he got back in the car and buckled up ~ he put his blanket over Nibbles and talked to him,,kissing and hugging him.. He talked to Nibbles for quite awhile telling him how sorry he was for leaving him behind.. This bunny is so part of Ben's life, we can't go anywhere without him. So glad I noticed that he was not in the car. It's 2 hours to our home from Savannah. We got to our house at 4...unpacked and then I drove Tracie and Ben to their home.. Ben put Nibbles in the big comfy chair in the living room and we had supper.. It was quite a day~! Ben and I played Thomas the Train board game after supper and Hi Ho cherry-O~! He loves games... Bathtime and then I read him some stories and off to bed he went... Yeah~! Nothing sweeter than a sleeping chiild.... Tracie was studying for her massage class tomorrow night. (Monday)... I came home and got everything put away from our trip and took a hot bath... WOW~! that felt good... It's good to be home... Ta Ta for Now~!


varunner said...

That zipline sure looks fun! We have enjoyed ours, although it doesn't hold adult weight.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, tell the kids I'm on my way over to give it a try....I hope it holds me or I'll have another broken bone!...:)JP

Sherri said...

That looks like super fun! My kids would be in heaven...our neighbor has one, but we have not used it much!
Looks like you had a great time! =)

rex22lbs said...

OH NO Nibbles. Good thing you noticed he was gone. Ben will probably be a little more observant now. Thanksgiving sure was fun!

Dawn said...

Oh what fun a zipline would be:))))))

So sweet he loves his bunny so much. I had one like that.....

You have such wonderful family times...I love it when you share!
Thank you!!

Laura~peach~ said...

lovely ... i love the zip line! and the expressions on the kids faces!
we drove back 45 miles when martha left teddy at my aunts... my husband and father did not understand but my step mom and i sure did ... dealing with her without teddy just was not gonna happen!