Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

No pictures this morning. Just a heartfelt hug to all to say "Happy Thanksgiving".
We are going to my son's house in Barrington, Illinois today. Tracie our daughter, Ben age 4 and Dave and I... My Equinox is going to look like the mitten in the storybook.. It's going to be so full. Hope the doors stay We won't be celebrating until Saturday. Jodie our daughter who lives in Michigan is bringing lots of ingredients to make the annual sweet potato casserole, the dinner rolls, from Thanksgiving past dinners.. Have to keep the memories flowing from generation to generation.
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the blessings God has given us, time to eat and give hugs to our loved ones.. Also a time to do something nice for the neighbors. I make walk around pie and give some to the neighbors every year. I only have 3 neighbors.. Walk around pie is : pie crust rolled out and put in the bottom of a cookie sheet ~ put your pie ingredients on top of the pie crust ~ put pie crust on top and fold over the edges. give top of pie crust ~ a little coating of water and sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degree oven. Cut into large pieces and put into a container..I should of taken a picture before I took them to the neighbors. I love making this for pot-lucks for church.. One can actually pick it up and carry it around and eat. It's just like having pie only you don't need to eat it with a fork...
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving~! ta ta for now...from Iowa 23 degrees and finally showing the signs of winter. Be Careful and Stay Warm....:)


Laura~peach~ said...

yes you should take pics of this pie and i am searching (i think it might have been you) that had the hartz shampoo that you were trying... well i have been all over augusta searching every store including super pets and pet co... and no one carries it here in the south... I want some we need to try it... can I get you to send me some will pay for it and the shipping PLEASE :)
we need the itch relief!

HAppy Thanksgiving!!!

Nicole said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! The walk around pie sounds very yummy!

and BRRRR! It's finally 32 here now, but supposed to be back in the 50's tomorrow. Go figure, Oklahoma weather is weird! lol

Sherri said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
How fun for your family to have you visit! You radiate joy from the computer, I cant imagine how fantastic it is in person1