Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WHOA~! Corn is over my head and Mommie's too~!

This evening Ben was at our house and he wanted me to take a picture of Albert's corn...Where he is standing he said "WHOA~! WOW~! Corn taller than Ben and Mommie.. He had on his monkey hat and was tipping it to the corn.. He is so silly.. His mommie is making bubbles with her bubble wand.. Oh such fun~! Wonderful Day in Iowa.. The high today was 75 degrees and hardly any humidity... wonderful, wonderful~!

After standing in the corn Ben chased Rocco the dog all over the yard.. He loves that dog...Everything is so green right now and so beautiful~! I love Iowa...
This morning after dropping off Ben I was so happy... All the way driving to Central City I talked with Ben about Mommy going to work and Daddy going to work and now Ben has to go to work... When we got to the pre-school I signed him in and we walked to his class, the yellow room. He went inside and turned around and said O.K. Gran Annie I'm at work > See you later... I was so happy.. He usually clings on me and doesn't want to go.. That always makes me cry... So today was a step in the right direction..Ben going to work... Well, lets see what he does tomorrow..
After I dropped Ben off to daycare I went to Tracie's house and started getting things moved out of her house. She is moving to Marion, just 4 miles from our house.. She is getting a divorce. I feel bad for Ben. She has a lot of stuff.. But I made 3 trips to my house and set it in the garage and when she gets home from work she can go through it all and decide, keep, throw away, give away. This actually is what I should do ,,,take everything out of each one of my rooms in this house and put it in the garage.. Go through it all and decide what to keep or what to give away. I'll bet I would be surprised ~ not much would be coming back into the house..
IT's been a really really busy day and I'll be glad on Saturday,, all her things well be moved out and into the house she will be renting for awhile.
Until tomorrow ~ Have a blessed day~! Ta Ta For Now~!~!


varunner said...

Whoa, some corn! 'Round here we say corn is 'knee-high by the 4th of July'.

rex22lbs said...

Wow! I can't believe how tall the corn is. I love the pics of Ben running after Rocco. Funny boy!

Home In The Hollow said...

Hi! My name is JP and I'm new at blogging so come see/meet me at Home in the Hollow. I'm no spring chicken though (62 & counting) but I'm trying to learn and make a few friends along the way. Varunner suggested that I check you out...:)