Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A wonderful week-end at Jodie's

The view from Jodie's front yard is so amazing.. The river is so still you can actually see the reflection of the trees on the other side.. Truly amazing.
Went to Jodies over Memorial Week-end and had a great time.. The food she cooked for us was right out of Emirll"s kitchen that is on the food channel. It was so good. We even had a little of Rachel Ray's food too..
Rich came on Saturday with John,Kelly and Emily.. It was so nice to all be together again.

There are swans that come daily in front of Jodie and Mark's house . We fed them bread which they gobbled up quickly. They are so beautiful~! The male swan's name is Gus.. He is very protective of his family.

Here's Emily,,she found a frog.. It was so cute. She had a lot of fun holding this frog and showing it to us all..

We went swimming and that was a lot of fun.. Here is Kelly on her floaty and me with my tubey thingy.. The water was great and nice and warm..

This is Jodie and Marks home ~ they live in Big Rapids Michigan.. Dave enjoyed sitting in the shade and watching all of us play in the water. If you look close you can see Izzy the dog standing near the bird feeder pole.. she loved jumping in the water and going after her ball.
It was a great week-end and we made many memories. Thanks Jodie


Carolina Trekker said...

They left beautiful Greenville and landed in Paradise...Life is Good.

Carolina Trekker said...

Em Em...that is a sweet frog.

"Hear the lively song
of the frog in yonder pond..
crick crick crickety crick

Yep..you are beautiful Em & Kelly!