Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's hot and humid outside today

Here is a picture of my daughter, Jodie and son, Rich.. Jodie will be here visiting tomorrow.
Rich owns the house below that is in snow... Thought maybe the winter scene would help in cooling us all down..

I heard once that if it's really hot outside you should watch a movie that is snowy.. Well, this is my son, Rich's house.. He lives in Barrington, Illinois.. I was there in February and there was a big snowstorm.. It was so beautiful and everything looked like a winter wonderland.

Here in Iowa where I live,

IT's 83 degrees today and very warm and humid.. Dave is outside mowing, I'm in the house cleaning, dusting, and getting rid of those pesky spiders that seem to like to be in every corner in every room of this old house.

My vacumn has been used a lot today.. I don't get upstairs very often in the bedrooms and today was the day.. Whew~! lots of spiders and dust.. It's gone now~!~! I used my bug-spray up there and if anything was alive it's gone now.. I even raised up the box springs and matress and vacumned underneath. I'm now taking a break...

I made Strawberry Pie for dessert for supper.. It's a sugar free one... topped with Cool Whip.. It's a simple recipe and quick to do.. It will taste good for supper.

Feeling cooler after looking at Richards house and all the snow.. My house looks much better too . It's so rewarding for me when I get industrious and deep clean. Now to get the kitchen floor scrubbed and Ta Da I'll be done for today.. Supper is already made so won't have to fix anything. I like days like this..not very often do I get motivated to clean.

Our daughter that lives in Big Rapids , Michigan is coming tomorrow. It will be good to see her again...She will be visiting us for a couple days. Ben will enjoy seeing his Aunt Jodie.. She can play Thomas the Train with him and have a great time.. Toot Toot chug a chug a...
Stay cool everyone and if you are hot,, look at something cold.. That might help..
Ta Ta For Now...~!~!


varunner said...

83* sounds fabulous...it's 93* here today and I'm headed for the track for a workout. Must admit I'm kind of dreading it, but it'll be good once it's over.
Enjoy the visit...the strawberry pie sounds wonderful.

Carolina Trekker said...

It is so HOT i have been putting small frozen blocks of ice in my two birdbaths in the middle of the day. Sleighbells ring... are you listnin?