Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clean up day in the basement

This is the view from my chair ~! After working so hard today in the basement. The red jeep is Ben's remote control jeep that he left in the yard.. he loves that jeep..
We live in an old farm house and the basement is a hole in the ground. Not very useful. Furnace, water heater, water softener, pressure tank and a cupboard to hold my canning jars.. Decided to emtpy all the old tomato juice, salsa and hot peppers out of the jars and then wash them up to use this year when I want to can somemore. Then I swept up all the spider webs down from the rafters and along the walls.. swept the floor and got top of furnace and other things washed off and cleaned.. I put on my mask and sprayed the basement and the rafters with bug spray to kill all the spiders and bugs. I have to spray at least twice a year.. The spiders start coming upstairs and making their webs where ever they like and it just helps to keep the population down if I spray.. I also sprayed all the rooms upstairs.. We should be bug, spider free for awhile..

While I was down there today I decided to get rid of a few things.. How many flower vases does one need? I kept 2. threw 10 away... I threw away some things that was in the pantry . Old Jello,, they do have an expiration date on rid of some old cookbooks, rearranged things on the shelves. It all looks so good. It's always a good feeling when you get rid of stuff you don't use anymore. Dave has an old work bench down there. One can actually see the top of it now.. He will be happy when he goes down there to work on one of his projects this winter.

I would say it was a very successful day...and I have one more area cleaned out and put back together.. I made me some ice tea went outside and sat in the shade and read my book.. Who knows what tomorrow will bring,, maybe I'll get motivated to do another room.

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Carolina Trekker said...

Time to find a new Toad and install him in the basement?
LOL...ok, so he would have to be a frog with very long legs to reach those spiders or you could teach him to walk on stilts? Silly me. long should i make those stilts?