Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is happening with the John Deere 530~!

Ben is in the shed on a hot and blistery windy day with Pa Pa Dee.. They are both trying to get the John Deere 530 started.. Ben with his R-R-R-R-R-R- noise and Pa Pa Dee trying to get the choke on and making sure the tractor is getting gas... with no luck.. Both boys are in disbelief.. No ride tonight.. Finally the reason as been located.. No Gas~!~! So Ben tells Pa Pa Dee that they could go on the lawn tractor. V-Room it starts off and off the boys goes with happy faces. Boys and their John Deere toys..

Tonight when I put Ben to bed tonight he looked out his window next to his bed and saw a big bird.. I thought he was just joking so I looked.. There was a huge pigeon on the roof.. Ben got to laughing and giggling.. I love when 3 1/2 year olds giggle , it just comes from their feet straight up to their little mouths.. I looked out out the window to see that the pigeon had pooped on the roof.. It was sliding down the black shingles and dripping off the edge.. Now, try and get a boy to bed with that imagine in his mind... He had a hard time focusing on going to sleep.. Finally after it got dark he had something else to look at, the moon.. it was so beautiful and so golden.. he said the Moon looked like a big piece of cheese.....So I told him the poem that my Mom always said to me:
I see the moon
and the moon sees me
God Bless the Moon
and God Bless me.
When I see the moon
and the stars so bright
I thank the Lord
For day and night.
I then sang " Jesus Love You" 3 times and he was out like a light.. snoring and dreaming of the moon and Jesus. It seems whenever he is restless if I sing Jesus love me to him he relaxes and the song settles him down.. Thank you Jesus...

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Carolina Trekker said...

..when you are old he will sing Jesus Love Me to you and take you outside to sit with him and watch the moon.