Monday, June 28, 2010

If your good the Rabbit will give you a snack~!

I told Ben if he was good that the snack Rabbit would give him a treat.. I keep a rabbit cookie jar in my garden and thought this would be a great idea for rewarding Ben. He went to the bathroom all by himself and while his mom got his pants on I hurridly went out and put Scobby doo snacks in the rabbit..

When he took the rabbit's head off he was so excited.. He loves Scobby Doo snacks...He said "Thank you" to the Rabbit.. I thought that was so cute.


rex22lbs said...

Such cute pictures. The moon one turned out great. Full day of laundry. Everyone left this morning so trying to get it all back together again. Have a great day!

Carolina Trekker said...

You are a Beatrix Potter grandmother...I hope when he is old he will remember the snack rabbit that lived in his grandmother's flower garden. A tender moment for you when Ben thanked him? :-)