Thursday, June 24, 2010

GranAnnie the corn is taller than me..~!

After getting into the big Case tractor with Albert to help him plant the field of corn around our house, Ben is now going next to the corn to see how tall it's growing.. everytime he comes to my house..
We had a big storm and strong winds on Tuesday night and it blew some of the corn down.. He was so disappointed. He kept saying "Poor Albert's Corn" Oh my ~! Poor Albert's Corn.. It was so cute to hear him.
There is an old saying about corn being knee high by the 4th of July... I think it has gone past the knees and almost over our heads. It's a lot of fun to have Ben here to help us keep an eye on the corn.. He has a lot to say about what is happening this year.. He knows that he can only stand at the edge of the corn and not go any futher than the edge.. It's very dangerous for anyone to get into a corn field. One gets lost and loses their sense of direction.
Beautiful day today in Iowa.. 82 degrees with some humidity.

This is what happened on Tuesday night. We had a big storm with strong winds... Some of Albert's corn blew down... All Ben could say was "Poor Albert's corn"... Oh my...~!
Here is Ben standing in the blown down corn... He was not very happy...~! He took his mom out to the field this evening to show her Poor Albert's Corn.. Cute.. cute.

Here he is with his polar fleece jacket.. It was in the 80's and very hot and humid.. He didn't care.. he likes that jacket.. Silly boy... HE is telling me the corn is above his head... He is so excited..


rex22lbs said...

Bennie what a rascal shorts! Miss you too Bennie! Great pics Mom. I can;t believe how tall the corn is. You will have to take pictures each year with Ben so he can see that he is also growing. Love ya

Carolina Trekker said...

Is that The Jolly Green Giant in Albert's corn? Oh, it's BEN!!