Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ben in Albert's Corn

Rocco the Italian Greyhound had fun tonight while I was weeding the garden.. He just loves it here on the farm...He is my grandog.. He is staying with us until our daughter is relocated into her new place that she will be moving into end of June.. He runs and runs and jumps through the corn looking for who knows what.. We have ground squirrels here in the yard and as much as he tries he can't outrun them ~ they hop down the holes they have all over the yard... I love this picture, makes him look so majestic. He has his eye on something.

Look at the corn growing in Iowa. Here is Ben standing in the corn.. He is 3 1/2 years old and already holding a clump of dirt in his hands.. Checking out the soil.

Quiet evening here in Iowa.. After 3 inches of rain, the garden after weeding it looks really good.. Oh, I should of taken a picture before I weeded it.. Yikes~! Trust me it was not good.

We have had rain, rain , rain since Sunday and it's really good. I got the house cleaned and this evening after the sun came out I went out and weeded the vegetable garden and my flower garden.. It was so easy to tackle the weeds after all this rain.. They just came out so easy and without a struggle. It will be good to look at the garden tomorrow and admire the flowers and not look at the weeds. It feels so good after getting all the weeds out of the garden. I have a little garden tomorrow to work on and then all the weeding will be finished..
Got Ben off to bed and now to make a cup of tea and read my book. I'm reading "The Help" it's a novel.. written by Kathryn Stockett.. It's a great book and hard to put down. Jodie gave it to me and told me it was good.. Sooooo goodnight for now.. Looked at the moon and venus before going to upstairs to read, very impressive and so beautiful... Thank you God ~!

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Carolina Trekker said...

BEN AND ROCKO = Future Farmer's of America...yep...yeppers.

Your garden looks amazing.
Good Night Moon!