Thursday, July 01, 2010

What a day~everyday~!

For three days now I have worked dillegently packing my daughter, Tracie's house for her to move out on Saturday. I have the whole upstairs finished. She lives in a big old 2 story home.. It has 3 bedrooms a sitting room and a bathroom on the 2nd floor.. I have the bathroom on the 1st floor packed, the bedroom, part of the kitchen and 1/2 of the basement.. Yikes.. I have one more day... I have been packing and then putting it into my car and bringing it to my house (9 miles south of her house) and unloading it in my garage.. When she gets home from work she comes here and goes through every thing and then decides Keep~ give away~ throw away.. So far it's working really good.. Her husband , Cory and her are getting a divorce.. They have a boy that you will see in my blogs almost everyday.. Ben is 3 1/2.. We call him Rascal Shorts.. He is so ornery.. but he is a typical boy.. Have rented a U-hall truck to use on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Hopefully the move will be complete by noon... At least the big stuff . We have 30 days after the divorce to have everything moved out.. The divorce is not final so I'm not worried we have plenty of time. But I sure want to get it done soon.. Get that part behind us.
It's been a big job and some days very tiring but it's a good thing I am strong...I'm 1/2 way to 132 this year and so glad I'm able to help her out..
When I picked up Ben today from Daycare he was having a good time playing outside on the playground.. He loves to be outside.. When he saw me he ran into my arms yelling "GranAnnie"..~! He is so dear and I love him so much.. On the way home from daycare we always stop at Waltz'n Meadows.. It's a farm that raises boer goats.. Ben loves to see the goats and pet them.. They are so cute and there are so many.. When we get home we always go to the freezer now that it's hot outside and grab a popsicle and sit in the shade behind the house. We talk and I read him books. He is quite a boy and is given much love from Grandpa Dee Dee , his Mom and of course GranAnnie. (me) After supper Grandpa Dee Dee gives him a ride on the John Deere A (affectionately called "the old A". Ben also gets a ride on the John Deere 530. He loves the tractors ~! So we have great fun when he is here making lots of memories.
Have a great 4th of July ~! Ta Ta For Now~!~!


rex22lbs said...

Good Luck with the move today! We are having a beautiful day. Sunny and nice breeze.

Carolina Trekker said...

You are a wonderful Grandmother.
We are all cheering for Tracie. She is so beautiful and the future holds a bright shining star for her and Ben.

Home In The Hollow said...

As others have told you, you are an AWESOME Mom and Grandma to boot!!! I'm sure your adventures as well as your daughter's and grandsons will keep us coming back. Now, after all is moved and settled in, please take a nice well-deserved rest!!