Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visit to Barrington, Illinois

This is Lilly and Emily. I just love Lilly, she lives near Emily. Lilly is very good at playing soccer, softball and she plays the piano. I love her blonde hair.. Emily is my grandaughter. They are getting ready to go to school. I love Emsy

Izzy is here saying "Can I go home with you ?" I love the farm.. She is such a great dog..

Here is my Sparky Girl.. Kelly ~! She is 11 years old now.. She is so beautiful and a wonderful young lady. She has her ups and downs but I love her when she is in her ups..or her down.
She has beautiful lips..

Rich is my wonderful son who works hard at loving his children and doing what is best for them. I'm getting ready to go back to Iowa after being here for almost 2 weeks. I will miss them all.

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