Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ben and Mr. Squirrel

Found this picture of  Ben eating a blue sucker.. We are at Gay Mills, Wisconsin visiting the apple orchard and buying apples.. It was a great day and we had a fun day..Ben is with his Dad this week=end camping with Jo Gram his other Grandma.. I talked with her today and she said that she got Ben to practice making his letters.. Upper Case and Lower Case..  Then they went for a bicycle ride on the trail.. He loves to do that.. Hope he has a good day at school tomorrow.. 
Look at this squirrel stretching to get to the grape jelly... I'll bet his lips are going to be purple..and his paws sticky sticky sticky.. I'm sure he will groom himself later.
 Look at this fatso~! Now he is draping over my bird feeder gobbling up the black oil sunflower seeds.. I always say if you feed the birds be ready to feed the squirrels.. They are such hogs..
 I opened the window and yelled "HEY".. He went to the tree and then he kept a watch on where he had been.  
Then we had a stare down to see who would leave first.. I stood my ground and looked him eye to eye and he watched me waiting for me to leave ... I finally left and decided to see what he would do next.. Yep you guess right he was back to the grape jelly.. 
Had a great day today.. Went to church and cleaned out my Sunday School room . There was a lot to throw away.  It looks so much better..  My friend Holly is helping me teach... She does one month and I'll do the next one.. We have 3rd graders to 5th..  Came home and watched the Ryders Cup Golf Tournament.  Was so proud of Zach Johnson the pro golfer from Iowa.. He did a great job even thou U.S.A. lost and Europe won..
      Time for the Amazing Race on TV and then do my Bible Study for Tuesday . Have a great Sunday evening.. ta ta for now from Iowa:)


rex22lbs said...

Crazy squirrel. They sure are tenacious. I love the stare down picture. Glad to hear Jogram was able to get Bennie to work on his letters.

acorn hollow said...

There is no keeping a squirrel from a feeder. your grandson is so cute. I bet he loves camping.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Cute pictures. Hope Ben has a great day today!

Are We There Yet! said...

You are right, those squirrels are such hogs. They will eat it all if you let them.

Great Pictures by the way.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

That was one determined squirrel.

Lynda said...

Your squirrel photos are great! We don't have nice looking squirrels here in the Valley...just ugly skinny ground squirrels!

Mary said...

Love your photos...and looking forward to seeing some visual are right, just add some color and journal what's on your heart! You will love it!