Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Pa Pa Dee Dee and Ben riding on the John Deere 530

I just love this picture of Pa Pa Dee and Ben riding on the John Deere 530.. Think I will frame this one and give it to Ben to put on his dresser at his mom's house.. I'll bet even Aunt Jodie would like a copy of this one..
After I picked up Ben at Donna's house ( his daycare provider after school) we went to my house. Pa Pa Dee Dee was just getting the JD out of the shed.. Ben of course wanted a ride.. So off he went with his legs a flying.. and climbing on that tall tractor..with ease.. He has such strong arm muscles , he makes it look so easy..  
He was being silly in this one, not sure what he was trying to do but he liked it.. I suppose we are going to get into the age that every kid does including my four..A time when they think it's funny to stick out the tongue or make funny faces or do this with their hands.. Silly boy..
After I took the picture~ Ben and I went into the house to fix supper.. I took out his work from his school folder and said 'OH Ben look you have homework".. (while he was outside with Dave I slipped into his folder and put in a work sheet I had for lower case alphabet  and wrote homework on the top )  He said "Gran Annie this isn't from my teacher it's from you...that is your handwriting".. I couldn't believe he could know that ... I just laughed  and said Yes, Ben you are right.. could you please practice writing your lower case letters and I'll help you... He said I'll do it with Mom.. So we played a game of Old Maid.. He loves that game.. I got him a card holder so he can hold his cards in front of him without me seeing them.. I have taught him to be a good sport and it doesn't matter who won it matters how you play the game ... and congratulate the winner even if it's not you.. When he wins he always pats himself on the back.. if I win he says "Congratulations Gran Annie"..  
We had supper and then Tracie took Ben home.. She called me later and said she set up a point system with Ben with Skittles.. She has these little plastic bowls with lids and they went over his word list and he would say the word and write it on paper.. For every word written with good penmanship  he got a skittle and he put the colored skittle in it's own bowl.. He showed them to me this morning.. He had a bowl of  green ones, red ones, blue ones, ect. He was so excited.  
Took Ben to school this morning and on the way there he decided he didn't want to buy his lunch.  Good thing my house is on the way to school,  we stopped and we gathered some things for him to put in his lunch box which I keep at my house.. then quickly back in the car and off to school. He was so happy this morning he just talked and talked about what he had done with his Mom last night. They made Jello and worked on getting points.. I told him that if he had a great day and didn't get his name in the yellow or red cup he could play with my Kindle Fire when I picked him up this afternoon.  He said 'O.K. that means no name calling, so pushing kids and no burping in kids faces.."  I said 'Yes that would be a good thing not to do today"..  We got to school and he skipped all the way to the door, he turned around and waved at me and blew me a kiss~!~!  That was a tender moment for Gran Annie.. Have a great day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like you've found some great motivation for him!

Love that first pic - they have the exact same expression!

rex22lbs said...

Great pictures of Papa De De and Bennie. I would love that picture I love the yellow trees behind them, so pretty. Cute that he wanted to do his homework with Mom. I like the skittle idea

Lynda said...

Wonderful photo of Ben with Papa Dee! Aren't grandchildren THE BEST!!!

A Quiet Corner said...

Your honey looks as handsome as your GS in the pix, Annie!...:)JP

Nancy Claeys said...

That first photo is definitely frame-able! So cute. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like he loves the Kindle! What a great carrot for him!