Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday I went to Tracie's house to play with Ben. We went outside, his favorite thing to do.. He decided to climb some trees. Oh such fun he had with getting into these trees and going from branch to branch.. We tried out 5 different trees.. I have so many pictures to show I decided to show just one.  He is such a strong boy that he had no problem going higher into the tree until he saw this huge black bug that was at least 2 inches long.. He got excited and started coming down the tree and then MUSH  he stomped onto the bug with his foot.. The bug didn't have a chance.. It was fun watching him in these trees. His mom when she was younger would climb the huge pine trees we have on the farm.. I told him he needed a tree house.  He said "Call Uncle Rich ~ he has a good one at his house".. Maybe he can build me one.. I said "Good Idea"...
Here is Ben riding his bike after the tree climbing.. He was tuckered out so we went inside to have a bite to eat..
Ben came over last night and Grandpa Dee Dee and Ben was playing a game on my Kindle Fire.. Where's my water?.. He loves to play this game.. I just had to laugh, both boys have their mouths open.. When Ben and Dave are working on something they have to focus on~ their tongues wag back and forth across their lips.. Don't  see Dave's tongue but I can see Ben's..

Every Tuesday and Friday I go to Springville School and volunteer in the 2nd grade class..The teacher since school started has had a butterfly project for science..The caterpillars arrived the first week of school in August. She put Malva in the bottom of these little cups  for the caterpillars food and placed the cap on top.. Then the observation started.. The kids learned the life cycle of these Painted Lady butterflies.  On the 7th of Sept. all the butterflies came out of their chrysalis and were flying around the butterfly tent house.
It was so fun to see the kids all excited  seeing their butterfly flying around. They had them all named..
On Tuesday , Sept. 11 I helped the teacher take the butterfly's tent house outside.. It was the big day for them to be set free.. I took a picture of two of the children's drawings that they had drawn in their books.. (not allowed to publish their pictures) I thought  their drawings were so good.. So I asked them if I could take a picture of their drawings and ta da here they are.. So glad they said Yes.. Have to be careful now a days.. There are 21 children in this class.  I really enjoy volunteering at the school and I just love 2nd graders..They are still eager to learn and they are so sweet.
Today was a beautiful sunshiny day..Tomorrow is going to rain ~ we need rain~!~!  Have a great day and ta ta for now from Iowa~!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Their drawings are so great!

Ben looks so cute up in the trees.

rex22lbs said...

Cute drawings from the second graders. I remember in sixth grade we had Butterflies in the room also. What a great project. Bennie is sure taking after his Mom with climbing trees. Uncle Richie will have to build him a tree house.