Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Last Hummingbird of the year

 Ben loves this monkey playground equipment.  My kids (4) used to play on this ~ when they went to elementary school. It has been moved to a little town South of where we live.. Whittier, Iowa.. It is now at the Community Building in Whittier.. He loves to climb on this and pretend he is Spider Man.
This is the last HURRAH of fall~!  This little guy has been here all summer and he was drinking up the sugar water a lot for the last 5 days.. More so than all summer. He must be getting filled up to fly south.  I think hummingbirds are so sweet, even thou they territorial and they dive bomb at each other fighting for the feeder.. I have 3 feeders out and one jelly feeder which they really went for a lot.. I had 5 hummers this summer and now I have none.. they have all gone south.
I think he is posing for me.. WOW what a little bird and so entertaining.

Look at the fiqure 8 movement.. the tail all spread out and his landing gear up ready to land on the feeder. 
Hummingbirds are a wonderful bird to have in your yard..
Thanks Be To God~! 


Sue from Ky. said...

We are still seeing them here in Kentucky, but the nights are getting cooler, so it won't be long until they will be going back to where ever it is they go.We had one little fellow to die in a horrible collision with the storm door this summer.The grand children were here that day. They buried him(he was a bright green, so I'm assuming it was a male)under a flower bush.

rex22lbs said...

Wow! Fantastic pictures of the hummingbird. I love the last one of him flying. Also, cute picture of Ben. So glad they moved them to Whittier.