Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ben at Old Theshers Reunion

I know it's Wednesday and I still want to show some of the things we did at Old Theshers Reunion.
IT was a fun filled day from the beginning to the end..

After we were at the shoot-um up gunslingers show we visited the jail.. Of course you have to get a picture. Ben thought it was so cool to be in the jail with his Mom.  I love 5 year olds. They are so naive and gets a thrill out of the silliest things.. I started keeping a journal of all our adventures and now all the funny things he says.. Last night we passed by Subway Restaurant and he said "Subway has 6 letters ".  Then he tells Dave and I that 2 +2 = 4 and 4+4 = 8.. So he is getting aware of numbers which doesn't surprise me.  I think putting projects together with Lego's has helped a lot.. He has most of the City Legos and puts them together in a short time.. Last night we worked on the Police Dog Van and he had it put all together in less than an hour..  I think Lego's are such a great thing to put together..I even enjoy putting them together myself..

You can hardly see him sitting on top of this caboose he is so small.. He loved riding on this big steam train.
It was a good time to ride around the outer circle of the grounds and Ben said this was is favorite part of the show..
EXCEPT for finding a Popgun in Museum B  this was the best.

HE was one excited boy.. Every boy and some girls I suppose wants one of these.. He had such a great time with shooting it at the show.. See the purple rabbits foot around his neck?  When we were at pioneer village he had to buy one for himself and one for me.. He smelled it and he said "GranAnnie this smells like cow poop~!".. The people around us just laughed.. He was right they did smell bad.  When we got home I sprayed them with Frebreeze.. that helped..  When leaving Pioneer Village we rode on my favorite Trolley Car.. They bought it from Australia.. Ben thought it was scary at first because he was riding on the outside and he hung on tight to the pole.. He looked down at the ground and he said 'That ground is going fast".. We had a great time while at the O.T. Reunion...Ben said he wants to come back next year.

Have a great Wednesday and ta ta for now from Iowa~!


rex22lbs said...

Awwww. Sweet pictures. So glad Bennie is also going to have great memories of Old Threshers. Many good times were spent there with our family.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My guy would have loved to explore all the vehicles with Ben.