Sunday, September 23, 2012

Planting Tulips~~!

Ben was here at my house on Saturday and I had bought tulip bulbs to plant.. He was so excited.. He went to the shed and got the shovel and I got the garden hose and the bone meal.  He helped dig the holes. It was pretty hard digging as we are in a drought.. We managed to get 12 holes dug and Ben put them into the hole after I added the bone meal. Then we added water as the package suggested.. He loved it~! 
Here he is being so silly.. He is hugging the shovel..and telling me "I Love This Shovel"..
Silly boy~!
Ben the water boy.. We had a great time outside and we put small sticks as markers to mark the spot where the bulbs are planted. It will be fun this Spring when we see sprouts springing up  and the tulips bloom.  They are going to be pink.. I love pink tulips..


We came inside ~ washed out hands and ate supper and then we got his newest lego's out that his Mom had bought .  He love lego's.. He was very happy with his boat , it even had a shark.. We had a great day and his Mom came and picked him up and took him home..  Kisses and Hugs~!
Have a Great Sunday....ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It'll be so exciting for him to see the tulips come up in spring! Pierce loves legos too!

Mary said...

I love tulips, but unfortunately they only come up here (GA) for a few seasons and then kind of piddle out...don't think it gets cold enough here for the bulbs to do well. How fun it will be to watch them emerge.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...yes, you should pull out some paper, pens and paints. Just begin, you will be amazed at how God will meet you and inspire you!

Grace and peace!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Playing with dirt and water looks like something my guy would love to do too.

Are We There Yet! said...

Thats right, now is the time to plant tulips. My Mom used to be into all that.

I leave mine in from year to year. I probably need to dig them up at some point and separate them.

rex22lbs said...

Looks like a fun day. What an amazing site he will see in the spring when they come up.

Joy Tilton said...

They will be gorgeous! Mine get eaten by tulip loving deer so I stick with daffs and daylilies! You have taught him the love of gardening at an early age, he'll carry that with him all his life!