Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lots of excitement at my house...

Ben has started Kindergarten now and he is so excited.. He loves going all day to school now and is doing  really good..  There are 31 in the Kindergarden class and they are divided up into 2 classes.  I volunteer at his school and I'm helping  the 2nd graders in Mrs. Wittenburg's class.. this is my second year helping her.. Mrs. Wittenburg is a wonderful you lady and a great teacher.. She is 52. She went to school with my oldest son.  
I go twice a week to help her and she is so grateful that I come and help her out.. It's so rewarding .              
This is 11 out of 17 Quail that come to my feeder every morning and they come back in the evening.. Last fall the neighbor bought 50 of these little guys and let them loose.. I was so happy that 17 of the little babies that were born this Spring came to my 40 acres to live.. My husband, Dave and I call them "The Kids".. They are so sweet .  When they get older their song will be 'Bob White".. I can hardly wait.  It's been fun to watch them come twice a day.
I woke up this morning and looked out into the yard..What a surprise ~!  Two baby fawns..They were eating the grass from our yard.. It's so dry here and the corn is dying because we haven't had rain for so long.. 
Thanks to the hurricane Isacc we are going to get some rain tomorrow.Yeah..Won't help the crops at all but it will put moisture back into the earth.. This two fawn's stayed in the yard for about an hour . They were chasing each other and having a great time running all over the yard.. 
I know I haven't been writing since March and I'm sorry for that because I feel I have missed so much.  So hopefully I will continue with writing in my blog and start reading all my favorite blogs once again.
Not sure if I like this new look on the blog site.. Guess I need to watch the video to fiqure out how do things again..  Have a great Labor Day Week=end.. ta ta for now from Iowa~!~!


Sue from Ky. said...

We love watching the wildlife,too. We have recently purchased 20 more acres of woods, and cleared about 3 acres between the woods and our house, so we can plant grass and keep it nice for the wildlife to graze and drink from our new pond. It is shaping up nicely. Hopfully, we will be sitting on our back porch,for years to come, watching similar sites as you are doing.It is so peaceful and relaxing to watch them.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great to see you! Glad Ben is enjoying kindergarten (and you too!).

rex22lbs said...

Hey Ben - so glad too see you at your desk. Boy the time sure had flown by....... kindergarten already?