Sunday, August 01, 2010

My sweet sister, Lynn George

This is my sister, Lynn who I love and miss so very much..Growing up she was known as Lynn George. That is what her nickname . She lives in South Carolina. Here is a description of a "Southerner":
A southerner is a person born or living in the south, gracious, easy going, slow talking, friendly folk devoted to front porches, oak trees, cool breezes, magnolias, peaches and fried chicken. She is all of this and more.
I try and go to her house every year and at this time I see on this picture it was the year 2007.
When we get together our favorite thing to do is to go to Columbia Zoo and visit the gorillas. then we go up the big hill to the botanical garden and look at all the flowers and trees and the water falls.. It's all so beautiful. When we get back to her house we like to sit on the back deck and drink our hot tea and build a fire in the fire pit and just sit and laugh and talk about our day. When I was there this last March it was full moon time and it was amazingly big and bright.
Brother Dave was there at this time and we bought lots of perienniels for her garden. He bought her some solar lamps for her garden and it was so cool to see them shining all over her yard.. I think that is such a marvelous invention.
While there in March we went to the Ocean and stayed for a few days.. We went to the Brook Green Garden in Pawleys Island.. What a wonderful garden with lots of those southern oak trees, flowers and lots and lots of statues.. We were there for a whole day and enjoyed everything we saw. I took lots of pictures with my new camera brother Dave had given me. It's a Nikon...
It's August and I'm thinking of when I can go and see her again.. Probably won't be until next spring.. I can hardly wait. We always make lots of memories and enjoy each other so much. Wish we lived closer.. Iowa and South Carolina are far apart. Thank goodness we have Verizon phones, we can talk to each other frequently.. I love all this new technology..
It's been a great day in Iowa... Ta Ta For Now~~~~~


Home In The Hollow said...

Isn't that funny? My sister, who is also a "southerner" (even though we were born in CT) has lived in Florida for 35 years. Next time you go to S.C., give her a hug from me, a Virginian!!!

Carolina Trekker said...

Thanks "Home In The Hollow" and Thanks to my dear sister Annie. What a sweet and fun-loving sister you are. You are so much fun.
Yes, we will get together soon, hopefully before spring, but when we do we can visit brother David at his new home in the Asheville, North Carolina area. That will be so much fun. You are a wonderful Sister and Grandmother I am very proud of. We can always depend on you to make us laugh, read directions for us and teach us how to use new gadgets and think up just plain fun things to do. May we giggle till we go over the hill and may it not be too soon! Love You! -LynnGeorge