Friday, August 06, 2010

Ben doing his favorite thing Riding with Steve on his tractor.

Yesterday when I picked up Ben at daycare I noticed that Steve our neighbor was working on fluffing the hay with his new tractor. Ben got all excited~! So we drove down the lane and Steve saw us and stopped his tractor..
He said "Hi Ben, you wanna ride with me?" I said "picture time"..So the boys stopped and let me take a few pictures.
Ben climbed into the cab and off they went.

Hey boys~!
Ben calls Steve's tractor.. Otis.. We borrowed a book from the library and found a tractor story about a red tractor named Otis. We have renewed this book 3 times now.. Guess I better see if I can buy one.. This is Ben's favorite book right now.. Grandpa Dee Dee only has green tractors. Men and their toys ,doesn't matter to Ben green,yellow,red,,he loves them all~!

Bye GranAnnie see you later...
Gotta love it~!~!

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Home In The Hollow said...

WOW! Everything looks so green and good enough for pickin'! And riding on that equipment must have put the biggest smile on Ben's face! Give Emily a hug from me, Annie...:)