Monday, August 02, 2010

Emily is coming to my house~!~!

I'm so excited, Emily, my grandaughter is coming to my house today and staying for a week. She lives in Barrington, Illinois with her Dad, sister Kelly and brother John. Rich lets the kids come to Iowa for a week at a time.. So it's Emily's turn.
She is 9 years old.. I'll bet this morning she is packing to come. I'm going to meet Rich in Stockton, Il.. sometime today.. I can hardly wait. She is such a sweetie.. After Emily, Kelly comes and then John.. What a great way to end one's summer.. Having their grandchildren come for a visit.. I have lots of things planned for each one of them... Ben "Rascal Shorts" can hardly wait to see them.. He loves his cousins..


Home In The Hollow said...

I am so glad your little Emily is spending time with you! I am anxiously awaiting the visit of my 3 little munchkins this weekend...:) I have to tell, you, I read your 2 posts and LAUGHED SO HARD...but I'm headed outdoors now to try to save the little toad/frog (?) rascals!!!

Carolina Trekker said...

Have fun this week in Iowa EmEm!
I'll bet you will find a toad or a rabbit treat in GrannieAnnie's garden. Don't forget to have a campfire and look at the stars at night....maybe even sleep in the tent? Stay away Rain...Emily has come to visit! Love You Em!