Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kelly at cooking classes at Hy-Vee grocery store

Kelly and I had some shopping to do at the Hy-vee grocery store to get some groceries.. When we got inside there was a sign that said "Kids Cooking Class".. I asked her if she wanted to join. She said "Sure~!".. So she joined in with the other kids. It was so much fun to watch.. They were making healthy snacks.. She said she would be able to use those ideas someday when she got a babysitting job.. She is a Girl Scout and I told her she could also use those ideas for getting a badge... While she was in class for 1 hour I went ahead and got the groceries so we could go home.. Of course when coming to town we always stop at Dairy Queen or McDonalds and get a ice cream cone to eat the 15 miles to the farm... yum yum~!

She is so beautiful~! Thursday evening we went to the Kernel's baseball game in Cedar Rapids. They are affiliatted with the California A's..
ADM Cornsweeteners was having a recognition for their workers and retirees night. Dave used to work for ADM.
They served hamburgers. brats and free pop. It was good and we had a great time watching the game. Even thou it was 89 degrees and very humid it was still nice.

Kelly was asked to go on the field with a group of kids to hold this huge flag before the game started. I took it with my phone and you have to imagine what a close up picture would of looked like. She thought this was so cool..
We had a great time and was glad we got to go to the game. It just adds to the memories that Kelly had while she was here in Iowa.
I will miss her when she goes home.
She is such a wonderful, caring young girl...

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rex22lbs said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. kelly, I love the dress you wore for cooking. Very summery and pretty. Love you.