Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Benny diligently washing the Benny Mobile and Grandpa Dee Dee's truck~!

After church on Sunday, Benny and I went outside and washed the Benny Mobile . Oh he loved standing on the ladder and washing the windows. This little guy stayed with this project for couple of hours. He loved it~! Especially the spraying . His shirt says it all "Prince Charming".
We had a great time washing, rinsing, washing , rinsing and talking ~talking~talking.

Here he is with a different shirt on because we stopped washing the Benny Mobile and went inside and took naps..He took a two hour nap.. He was really tired.
He really liked washing this huge truck as he called it. Grandpa Dee Dee"s truck.. I couldn't believe it, Dave came outside and asked him if he wanted a ride on the 530 John Deere.. He said "No Thank You". I'm busy... Lol.

He's back to being Prince Charming... saying "Cheese"~!
It was a hot day and a good day for washing the car/truck and playing in the water. When I spayed him with a little water he would say "GranAnnie ~ Please No Spraying me,,,spray the car..". I would say Oh Benny I'm so sorry... He would just laugh... He is such a fun guy to have around..

I think he learned how to stick out the tongue from Grandpa Dee Dee. He was really focused on the windshield to be sure to get all the smushed bugs off.

When we were almost finished washing the truck I was walking towards the front of the truck to get more hose pulled over and Benny lifted up the hose without me knowing. I tripped over the hose and came down flat on my chin and smashed my two front teeth through my lower lip. Thank goodness I didn't put my arms out to brace my fall. There was blood all over the place and poor Benny was concerned about me. We went to the house and I got into the bathroom and got a washcloth to put on my face.. Poor little guy he kept asking me if I was o.k. and he said "GranAnnie, you need to be careful".. He was so concerned with all the red that was coming through the cloth.
Tracie, Ben's mom came and we took Ben to his Dad's house.. Then we went to Anamosa Hospital.. I now have 3 stitches on outer lip and 2 stitches on inner lip.. X-ray that showed no broken bones in neck or chin.. I told the Dr. that my guardian angels were either dead or they lost all their feathers. I could of broken my nose, jaw, wrists, had a head concussion. God is good~! My chin hurts and of course my lip... Went to the dentist yesterday and it's going to cost $2600 to repair my smile.. Don't want to go around looking like a jack-o-lantern forever. I go today to get one front tooth removed and then go back to my dentist on Thurs. to get crowns on 2 of my teeth. It was a costly fall. Ben called me last night very concerned... "Grannie Annie how are you feeling~!" His Dad said that he was worried about me and wanted to know.. Sweet Benny...he is so thoughtful...


varunner said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear you got hurt (the car wash did look like such fun though). That's going to be a pricy smile, but well worth it I'm sure :-)

Home In The Hollow said...

OMG! Annie! I am so sorry to hear about your fall. But you know that you're going to come out smiling as always. Isn't it amazing what it costs to fix teeth??? PLEASE take care of yourself...my satellite went out of whack so I had no service. If you get bored, email me...:) JP

rex22lbs said...

He is too cute. I still can't get over that tongue and he is talking so much.