Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homemade birthday card

I think homemade birthday cards are so wonderful. Jodie our oldest daughter made this for her Dad for his birthday.. IT's now hanging in my office right above the light switch.. He is so proud of his card.. Jodie has a drawing of Ben riding on the John Deere Tractor with Pa Pa Dee... Cute Cute Cute.

Went to the dentist today and had my right front tooth removed... Yikes it is sore tonight.. My lip is also sore. Took some tylenol and hopefully it kicks in soon. Well be going back to dentist on Thursday to get crowns put in two of my teeth in front. Well be so glad when my smile is back to normal.. Lots of people staring today.. I just smile and think ~ I'll bet they are wondering how this happened to my lip.. On my way home I stopped at Dairy Queen and got me a chocolate milkshake.. Because I had a big piece of gauze in my mouth I wrote the girl a note and told her what I wanted at the drive-thru.. She looked at me with the biggest eyes. I wrote on the note that I tripped over a garden hose and wrote "Be Careful". She smiled and gave me the milkshake.. I came home and went to bed.
Ben called me after he got home from school to see how I was feeling..I told him I was getting better. Tracie said he is so concerned.. I told him I would come to see him tomorrow after he gets home.. He liked that idea. Tracie said this was his first day at Pre-School and he had a good time. When she picked him up at Daycare today he wanted to stay.. He was working on some puzzles and having a great time... He loves puzzles.
It's so chilly outside 57 degrees.. Unbeiveable that one week it's so humid that when you go outside ~ the lenses on your glasses fogs over and then tonight you go outside and you need a jacket.. I like it and it feels good. Especially to turn the AC off...open the windows and let some fresh air inside..
Grandaughter, Kelsy left for Italy today.. She is a senior at Iowa State University.. She is doing an internship in Italy with her Graphic Artist education . She is so talented. I saw some of her work online today and I was amazed. She has couple posters on billboards in Kansas City.
She worked for the Kansas City Chiefs this summer...I am so proud of her.. God has special plans for her in the future..
Have a great day everyone... Ta Ta For Now

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Home In The Hollow said...

I can only imagine what people thought when they saw your lip! Once I had a total stranger ask me how I got the black and blue on my cheek..she said, "look me in the eye & tell me what happened"...people do care! I'll bet that shake tasted good! It will all be over soon, sweetheart...hang in there! JP...:)