Friday, August 27, 2010

Going to Pa. for National Plowing Matches

Well be gone for a week to go to Pa. to the National Plowing Matches.
WEll, be back after labor day... Have a great week-end everyone..~!

Have temporary teeth and they look really good. Ben couple days would say "GranAnnie let me see your mouth" he would see that I had 3 teeth missing. "WOW GranAnnie you have no teeth".. So he saw me yesterday and he said "GranAnnie let me see your mouth" His eyes got really big and said "GranAnnie you have teeth".. and he said that is good... He is so cute..

I will miss him while I'm gone.. I gave him my super nintendo game and he loves playing Donkey Kong.. He calls it the monkey game.
Must get packed ~ I'm almost ready.. just a few more things to get together..
Ta Ta For Now...


Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, I know you're packing...BUT HAVE A TERRIFIC TIME!!!...JP...& SMILE!

rex22lbs said...

Have fun Mom. Be careful of garden hoses!