Sunday, August 15, 2010

Springville Fun Days

After a hot day at the Fun Days in Springville, Kelly and I went swimming.. Here she is on the turtle cooling off. This turtle likes to roll over so it's very hard to stay on.. We had a lot of fun swimming in this pool.

Here's Kelly playing Bingo at the fun days.. She played until she won.. The prizes were very nice~! I liked the T-shirt that she had on.. very cool penquins..~!

Here is the church float that was made for the parade.. Fred is in the green shirt. He was our driver and pulled our float through the parade. . His son Nathan is next to him.. See Kelly in her purple penquin shirt? The title of our float was "Life is Better When Jesus is Driving.."
Isn't that the truth..

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rex22lbs said...

Looks like you guys has a great time. Springville always had a fun Fun Days.