Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey~! That's my corn~!

This morning as I was looking out the window ~ I saw this squirrel coming to the feeder and sniffing the corn.. 
He lifts it up with his strong arms and starts snacking on the end.. yum yum~! 
Now he picks it up and still is able to eat off the corn.. Didn't get this picture but he then tried to carry if off the yard.. It was so funny. He would carry it and trip over it and then he would pick it back up and trip over it over and over again. I just sat and laughed.. He got to the edge of the yard and tried digging a hole to bury it ,,,he gave up and just sat there eating and filling up his stomach.. He is getting ready for winter.
     The junco's are here and that is the first winter bird to show up.  So guess winter is officially here..
      Saturday I went out to lunch with Kim Wittenburg, the second grade teacher that I help twice a week. We went to Olive Garden.. I just love to eat here.. We had a chicken something with angel hair pasta and a salad with bread sticks.. IT was delicious.. After dinner we went to the cheap theater on Collins Road and went to a movie called Timothy Green.. When we got into the theater she said she was going to get some popcorn and I said I would go and find us a seat.. Get ready to laugh.. I went into the wrong theater.. I sat there and waited and waited and then finally when the movie started she came in to find me and said "Anne ,,you are in the wrong theater.".. I just laughed and laughed.. So I followed her into the right place and we settled down to watch a delightful movie.. I thought it was good..  The little boy that played Timothy was so cute..  When we came out of the theater there was a area where you could vote.. Early voting?  yes,,it was early voting.. I have already voted because I am a poll elected official and I needed to get it done before next Tuesday..  
       We walked to the Christian bookstore and found this wonderful CD for $1.. It's called "The Invitation".. by Lee Strolbel.. I listened to it on my way home and it's a great CD to give to people that haven't committed to accepting God into their lives.. 
     Had a great Saturday and today being Sunday was wonderful too.. Lazy day~!  Made ham and bean soup so I didn't have to cook..other than I made some corn bread..  Have a great   Monday~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)   


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Cute squirrel!

I love Olive Garden too, but I haven't eaten there in years!

rex22lbs said...

Cute squirrel and funny story. The Juncos have arrived here also.