Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainy Day ~ lots of adventures~!

 It was sprinkling and Ben decided to put on his fireman's raincoat and go out and jump on his trampoline..  He is so silly. He jumped in circles, he jumped sideways and had a really great time.. This is a great tool to burn off the extra energy he has and then settle down when we go back inside.. This was the best thing his Mom could of ever gotten for him..
 I had taken him to the Dr. this day for a sore throat, headache,neck hurting and slight fever.. He wanted to stop in for pizza.. He ate one slice and drank his root beer..  He was feeling better..  Dr. said he didn't have strep throat and his fever was gone and it was just a virus that was going around.. Thank goodness.~! 
We went to a store called The Imagination Store.. He found this toy that was lots of different shapes and you put them together in order..He said he made a diamond.  Oh he loved this one.. I told him that his birthday was coming up and he needed to put it on his wish list.. He said "Take a picture".. So here it is and he said maybe Aunt Jodie would see it and buy it for him. mmmm?  This is a great store for children to expand their minds.. 
We went past a cemetery and he said he wanted to go in to read what all those stones said on them.. It was Oak Shade Cemetery and that is where my oldest son is buried.. He was killed in a auto accident in 1995, Ben has been talking about dying and death for quite awhile now and I thought mmmmm this would be a good place to talk about what happens when you die.. I told him that if you believe in God and you have a relationship with him ~ when you die the angels come and gather up your soul and take you to heaven to live with God.. Your body stays here and is placed in a box and a grave marker is put in place on top to say who you were, when you were born and the date or year you died..  It was quite good to see him understand what I was saying and he had lots of good questions.
We walked around the cemetery and he looked at a lot of cemetery stones and had me read off their names.. then I was surprised when he could read the dates of the years.. like nineteen hundred or eighteen hundred or even two thousand.. For Ben only being 5 years old I thought this was remarkable.  He also told me after I read what it said on the tombstone, that the girls names were on the left and the boys names were on the right.. I told him someday when he gets married his wife would stand beside him on the left and he would be on the right.. We had a great time at the cemetery. 
We found this tombstone of a young man who must of liked music a lot.. I just love what it says here..
On the right of this stone was a full picture of him from head to toe and below this saying was a drum set..
After we visited here I took Ben to his Mom's house and we played games , read books and he played with the car he had gotten at the Imagination Store.  He was feeling so much better and he got to go back to school the next day.
We had a great day together and learned lots of new things..
Have a tiggeriffic day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We like visiting cemeteries too - I just posted about one yesterday. Pierce also has a fireman raincoat - but I think Ben's is cooler! Glad he's feeling better.

Carolina Trekker said...

Glad Ben is better....his Uncle Wally would have had great fun jumping with him. HUGs

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sorry to hear your little grand-guy wasn't feeling well. I think being with his grandmom made him all better!

I was very sorry to read about your son's passing, I think it's good to talk to your grandson about his uncle.

Kids are truly amazing, they can make sense out of some of life's most complicated things.

I'm happy to hear you liked the cake! I know it won't disappoint you! Enjoy!