Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat~! Happy Halloween~!~!

 Tonight was "Happy Halloween".. Trick or Treat~!~!  
Tracie and I took Ben out trick or treating and we had such a great time~!  Ben dressed up like Spiderman and he had a string of glow sticks around his neck so he would be seen when running from house to house.. Tracie also put some on his bucket.. 
He was very polite~!  He would ring the doorbell and when someone came to the door he would say "Happy Halloween"...and then they would put something in his bucket and he said "Thank You".....
We had to stop at Donna's house and get some treats.. He loves Donna. She takes care of him after school and on days there is no school.  He was so excited to see her and show her his bucket of treats..
One lady gave him a plastic finger nail and he put it on his finger right away.. Oh boy that was the best treat~!   He really thanked her over and over~!
We stopped at this one house and he rang the doorbell. He waited and waited and then rang the bell again.. He sat down on the step and told us "She must be in the bathroom".. we just laughed.. Pretty soon he stood back up and went to the door and he knocked on the door this time...A lady came to the door and gave him some candy..He asked her if her doorbell was not working and she said yes, it doesn't work..He told her he waited on the step,  because he thought she was in the bathroom...before he knocked on her door.. She laughed and told him thanks>>> He thanked her for the candy and that was our last stop.. On our way home he told his mom "First thing we get home Mom we are going to check out the loot">>spread it all out and see all the goodies.. We had a great time and it was fun trying to keep up with Ben as he ran from house to house..
      The full moon this evening was so pretty.. It was a nice evening and just a little cool.. 38 degrees.. Not bad for October..
Last year it was freezing cold and misting rain.. Tomorrow is Nov. 1st and time marches on and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas...I think the older I get the time just goes faster..
Have a great Halloween~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

LOL on the plastic finger - that's so funny! He made a great spiderman!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel would have loved the plastic finger. I love Ben's costume.

rex22lbs said...

What a great night. Glad to hear he was successful getting his loot. :) What a silly boy.