Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunny~Sunny~ Day~!~!

Today is Monday and it's a sunny day.. After two days of much needed rain it's really nice to see the sun again.. The birds are enjoying it this morning. It's a very nice 50 degrees this morning with the promise of 65 by this afternoon. Mr. Cardinal looks so bright at this feeder. I miss hearing their beautiful song..What Cheer What Cheer.  It's coming onto fall here and all the birds are settling into cold weather just like people.. Got out the winter coats, scarves, mittens, boots hats and am ready for the colder weather that will arrive soon.  
Here they are the gobblers of the feeders.. They are so bright blue.. Right now I can see 6 of them out there scrambling after the black oil sunflower seed.  The other birds are  waiting for their turn to eat.. Blue rules for right now at this feeder..
Got to see Ben this morning for just a minute.. The library at school has a fund raiser to raise money to buy new books.. Today is penny day. Each class is to bring their pennies to school today.. tomorrow is nickel day and Wed. is dime day and Thursday is quarter day.. Which ever class brings in the most money by the end of the week, can have an ice cream party with the principle of the school..  Ben was so excited when his Dad stopped at the house this morning and I ran out a big bag of pennies.  He said "Thanks Gran Annie".. tomorrow is Nickel day~!.. I said 'Yes , Ben we will be ready with our nickels.. He always seems to remember what is coming up at school, like what day to wear a green shirt or a red one.  Or sometimes your favorite football team.. Just love that boy..
        Have a great Monday~!  I know I'm going to do that ~ Dave brought home some apples and I'm going to make a apple pie.. Nothing is better than warm apple pie with a cup of coffee.. Dave went to town this morning ~ maybe he will bring home some vanilla ice cream to put on top.. yum yum~!  
Ta Ta For Now From Iowa:)  Where it's sunny and bright~! 


JDaniel4's Mom said...

We had a cardinal in our yard over the weekend!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How fun - I hope Ben's class wins the ice cream party!

Carolina Trekker said...

GO Ben! Me too...hope your class wins! Enjoyed seeing the bluejays...their beautiful like the Indian Summer Sky. Enjoy the pie!!

42N said...

Saw your comment on Midlife by Farmlight. I too am from Iowa (Cedar Rapids)and blog about the state most of the time - sometimes other places, people and events.

rex22lbs said...

Good Luck to Ben and his class to win the ice cream party. Such a curie!!!

Jen said...

Love apple pie! and coffee and icecream! New follower..found you over at The Activity Mom. (I write for her weekly)

Creative and Curious Kids!

John Gray said...

so handsome... makes UK birds look like the poor relations x