Saturday, October 13, 2012

Can you see me now Gran Annie?

Last Sunday Oct. 7th ~ Ben came to my house to play.. His Mom had a migraine and needed a nap.. It was a beautiful fall day and he wanted to go down by the creek, behind our property.. I decided to drive down to the road at the North of our property and take a look at that side of our land.. I have a cache down there called Zippity Do Dah and it needed to be checked out.. A cache is part of geocaching.. It's a blue bird house  and I have the hole covered so birds can't get into the box.. There is a log sheet and treasure inside for fellow geocachers to sign and then report online to  that they found this cache and how they liked it..  First thing we found was the nail that kept the door closed was gone and a little mouse had taken refuge.. I suppose it thought this would be a great winter home.. We drove back up to the house and got a hammer and another nail in the shed and drove back down to the cache.. I held Ben up to the birdhouse and he drove the nail into the wood and then we bent it over to hold the door shut.. He took out the nest the mouse had made and this huge spider crawled out.. He hit the spider with the hammer and smashed him flat.. He laughed ~!  good thing the mouse wasn't there... he would of squashed him too... We put the log sheet back into the nest and the plastic bag of goodies.  closed the door. 
We took a walk and found this tree stand..  He didn't hesitate at all, he went to the ladder and climbed up.. He sat down and said "GranAnnie do you think I could fly?"  I said 'NO WAY"<< 
He said "Just kidding ".. 
He really liked it up there and said he could see lots of things up there.. He said the creek hardly has any water.. Because of the drought we are having here there is not much water flowing.    When it was time for him to come down he just turned around and came down with no problem..  It was a fun time with him in the pasture and we found lots of bird nests in the trees. We went down to the creek and saw lots of frogs jumping around..animal tracks and rocks..
The other day I picked him up at school and we went to WalMart to buy snacks for him to take to school the next day..It was his turn for snack day.. He picked out those small oranges (which I had to peel ~ all 20 of them. can't bring oranges without peeling them)  and pretzel sticks..  We always have to go to the toy section and look to see if any new lego's are there.. Nothing new today. But he found this mask .. Star Wars...IT even talks.. He was so excited~!  When we got home he said "GRAN ANNIE CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? ">>>> I laughed and told him I could see his eyes just a little.. He loves this mask and had a great time wearing it all around the house... Now he wants another one he saw on the box.. I told him his birthday was coming up in November and he should add it to his wish list.. Lets see ? He has a new bike ~ a new scooter~ the red mask~ a new DSI game~  and a batman cape with accessories on his list..  Wonder what will be added to the list next...
      Today is Saturday and this morning it was so dark outside for such a long time.. We had to keep the lights on in the house until noon. It's a rainy day~!  Yeah~!  We haven't had rain for so long and we need it really bad.. The birds are busy at the feeders ~! I gathered corn from the corn we have in the field to feed the birds this winter. I put out a few pieces and the Blue Jays are gulping them into their craw..I think that is what it's called.. They are busy along with Mr. Squirrel..
Have a great day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh funny. I need to borrow him next time I have a wolf spider I dig up. Hope his mom is feeling better!

acorn hollow said...

what a very fun day for him and you.

Carolina Trekker said...

When was the last log entry for the Zippidy Doo Dah cash? I am thinking Ben is so saavy he could learn to program his very own GPS and become a geocacher and he could wear his Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet for luck. You had a perfect Fall day by the creek. Hugs to you, Ben & Tracie!

rex22lbs said...

Yea Bennie! Such an adventurous boy. What a fun day.