Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday morning I went over to my friend, Phyllis's house. We were playing Skip-bo.. She told me she was leaving that day to go to her daughter's house that lives in Marshalltown. Her son, Lynn was going to be taking her at 2 that day. I told her "How would you like it if I drove you there. She said that would be great.. I told her to call her sister, Lottie and see if she wanted to ride along. Lottie wasn't home so I said "well, lets go out to lunch".. so we did and then as we went through Hiawatha we stopped to see if Lottie was home. Sure enough when we stopped by, Lottie had just gotten home and she agreed to go with us.. How wonderful is that..the girls got to visit one more time together.

Phyllis is on the left with the boot on her foot.. Lottie is on the right. On July 4th Phyllis broke her akellis tendon(spelling wrong) in her leg and has been in the area since then.. She lives in Garfield, Arkansas.
Phyllis and Lottie are sitting on Janene's front porch.. Janene is Phyllis's daughter that lives in Marshaltown. We were waiting for her to get home from work.. She teaches school.
Phyllis and Lottie had a great time visiting with each other and I'm so glad Lottie could go with us. Plus it gave me someone to visit with on the return trip.

Here we are ~ Lottie on the left, Janene and Phyllis.. Now as you look at this picture ~ Phyllis used to be a color analyst for Amway..and she was very good at it too... Well, must of forgot what her right colors to wear must be because orange is definitely not her color.. I called her and told her this and she just laughed.. She said someone gave her this shirt and being the thrifty person she is she is wearing this shirt that is not her colors.. I told her there would be someone at Goodwil that could wear this shirt.. Being that we are such good friends we just laughed..

Lottie and I left about 6 p.m. and it was great to have someone to visit with on the way back to our area.. It takes 1 1/2 hours, not too bad. When we got back to Hiawatha I asked Lottie if she wanted any supper and she said no.. I made a wrong turn and had to turn around ... We turned around in the parking lot where Oscar's Restaurant is and she said 'Lets eat at Oscar's".. So we did.. I told her this was great because I really didn't want to fix supper when I got home. Lottie was fun and I enjoyed my visit with her..

When Phyllis can drive a car she is going to have Janene or someone take her back to Arkansas. I'm sure she is anxious to get back in her own home. She has a dog and I'll bet he misses her a lot.. Neighbors are taking care of her dog..

Talked with Donna today to see how Ben was doing at school.. She said He had a few time outs because he was not listening..but other than that the teacher said it was good. He was confused this morning when his Dad brought him to Donna's.. Last few days his mom has taken him to school and when his dad brought him to Donna's he didn't think he was going to be going to school. Donna explained it him that when he is with his dad he will first come to her house and then when it's time he will be going to school. She said the light came on and he was O.K. with that . He loves going to school and didn't want to miss out...

Beautiful day today~! 78 degrees and sunny.. Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


rex22lbs said...

Phyllis sure looks good despite the orange shirt. Glad you were able to take her out to Marshalltown. You guys have been such good friends to each other over the years.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I think Phyllis looks great - even in orange! Sounds like a very fun day :-)

sawn48 said...

The ladies are so blessed to have such a good friend. Mom is 85 and my husband and I were just discussing this morning, how nice it would be, if the children(9 of us) would take turns, visiting Mom since she has been a widow now for 10 years and gets lonely, and take her out for breakfast or lunch occasionally.Do some little something with her. Just about anything would tickle her. It doesn't have to be expensive. Simply the time spent together is worth it's weight in gold.