Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The barn is all gone at Leone's .

Sorry I haven't written any comments on your blogs.. I can't seem to get google to let me do this.. I have tried and tired.. Sorry:(
Brad Salazar a young man who built our wonderful 2 stall garage stopped by today.. He is going to put new windows and a door on the porch next to our kitchen.. These windows are so bad they are ready to fall out.. There is always something to do in a old house.. It will be so nice to have this done.. Maybe now I'll be able to leave the doors open that go out to this porch in the fall and spring.. not winter.. it's not insulated and really cold out there... I would love to have this open all year around.. Mmmmmm=I think I'll ask Brad what we can do about this...all he can say is it's not possible.
The barn is now gone at Leone's house.. wide open spaces one can see now.. Progress goes on.. Either this fall/winter or Spring/summer a new house will sit on this spot.

All that is left is a little bit of the lean two that was next to the barn.. Good for storing things for right now and keeping things dry.

Something I noticed last week is ALL the Red-winged Blackbirds, Crackles,Starlings and Cow Birds are all gone.. My sister, Lynn that lives in South Carolina said that they are ALL in her back yard.. YEAH~!~! I told her to just keep them. They are gobblers and hog the feeders. It's nice to look out at the feeders and see the other birds enjoy eating again at the feeder and not have to fight these ornery birds that have left.. It seems early that they have gone south. Wonder if this means we are going to get a early winter.. I love all the seasons so it will be what it's going to be... But first we will get to see the glorious colors of fall ~! We always take our yearly ride to balltown and have lunch at Breitbach's Reataurant in Balltown, Iowa.. It's a great place to eat and they have the best Walnut raisen pie... yum yum...lip smacking~! Talked with Donna today to see how Ben did at school. He had first two days were a little frustrating but good days. He got two red marks on his daily record ~ he was not listening and had to go to the quiet chair.. He was so excited when he saw me last night,, he ran and got his bag and showed me his daily record for Monday.. "Look GranAnnie I got a smiley stamp"that means I was good all day.. Donna said he has another one for today. So when I see him this afternoon he will be excited again.. Yeah~! she said that there is a little boy (age 2) that he was playing with yesterday. Ethan sneezed so hard that he hit his head on the slide.. He cried and Ben was right there telling him it will feel better in a few minutes. He kissed his head. Hugged him and then said "God will heal it for you ". Sweet~! That is what GranAnnie tells Ben when he hurts himself, he is passing this idea along to someone else. How wonderful~!

Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love that he is quoting you. Glad the school is going better for him.

I mentioned you in the post I have going up tomorrow. I used one of your many bright ideas.

rex22lbs said...

Awwwwww sweet Bennie. He is so cute. I have had problems also leaving comments but I just go back to your blog and then click on comments again and then it will take me to the comment page.