Friday, August 12, 2011

It's 2:30 a.m. and not sleeping very good.. I looked up geocaching and saw lots of places close to the house that I can go find a cache. I'm excited, but it's dark outside and really shouldn't be out and about with my flashlight. Then I decided to come to my blog since I haven't posted for a week and read some of my favorite blogs and then write a little in my blog. ..
Having trouble sleeping because I'm thinking of grandson, Ben.. School will be starting for him August 23, well 4 year old Pre-School. His Dad wants Ben to go to Central City where Ben went last year.. Preschool was great there, but the daycare was a real conflict for him.. lots of trouble. Ben for the summer has gone to Donna's house for daycare and it has worked out wonderful. She lives in Springville. He loves Donna, and has made many friends with other boys.. So Ben's mom and of course me wants Ben to stay with Donna and then go to Pre-School in Springville. Ben wants to be at Donna's house (daycare), and go to Springville Pre-School. Divorce is so hard on children and GranAnnie. I feel bad for Ben, the daycare in Central City didn't handle him very well and I think it would be very tramatic for him to go back there. Guess I best just leave this one in God's hand and know he will take care of Ben.
This week I went to the Dr. and got my Women's pilgramage completed.. Physical, pap smear, mamogram. My Dr. was so excited she said I should put a gold star on the blood work results that came back. Sugar much better,, colesterol great (100)~ lost 30 pounds. Having problem with my right knee so she had me go to hospital and have a MRI.. I also had my yearly mamogram and she had me have a bone density test done too. Now to wait and see what the MRI said with regards to my knee.. My left knee I have had a total knee replacement, two of them. Just hope and pray it's nothing serious.. It hurts a lot and it's hard walking.. lots of swelling..
Next week is the National Plowing Contests in Belmond.,Iowa. Iowa is hosting this event this year. 7 states will be involved and it should be a great time. Lots of turning of the soil. Two winners, one in the Reversible and one in Small plow will be eligible to go to World's Ploughing Matches that will be held in Calgary, Canada, 2012.
Guess I best try and get some sleep.. my thoughts are down and now I feel like I can rest.. Have a Tiggeriffic Friday~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


acorn hollow said...

It is so hard when you have all of these thoughts in your head and you can't sleep. with no sleep it looks worse.I hope you got some rest and good luck with the knee.

A Quiet Corner said...

Annie, divorce is hard on everyone involved, however, Ben will make it. Glad to hear all your tests have thus far come out positive. Sleep,'s the best thing for you besides Ben, of course!...:)JP

Jill said...

I hope you were able to sleep after jotting your thoughts down. I have faith things will all work out. Ben has you on his side, afterall.