Friday, August 19, 2011

Have No Fear ~ Ben is Here~!

I took this picture of the moon the other night. I thought it was so cool how you can see the limbs of the tree and the leaves. My camera takes such great pictures. Ben loves taking pictures with this camera too. He has become real shutter bug.

Here is Ben at Springville Fun days climbing up the obstacle course and then on the other side sliding down. He has never had any fear in doing things like this and he must of gone on this 25 times.. He loved it~! He had to learn how to stand in line and take turns and then off he went..

Here he is on the other side.. He would first jump up and down and then slide down. then off he would go back to the beginning and wait in line.. This was so good for him. it didn't take him long to learn that if you used the rope you could get up on top faster.

These pictures are from last Saturday. Ben has a cupcake that was given to him by his friend, Blake. Blake's mom Lori made them for the Springville Fun Days. Ben had so much fun there with all the big blown up rubber things that he could jump on and climb on and slide down on..

Here is Ben on our church float for Springville fun days, holding a puppet.. He chose this one because he said it looked like PaPa Dee Dee.. He had a lot of fun throwing candy to all the people that were sitting watching the parade go by.

It was a great day and when I got him back to his Mom's house I gave him a bath and then we played a game of Old Maid.. He loves to play Old Maid.

I stopped by Ben's school today and got to visit with his teacher. Ms. Kedley.. She is a really nice young lady and I think Ben is going to really like her as his teacher.. I told her a few things about Ben and she said she would like to come to his house and visit with him and his Mom.. I'll have to talk with Tracie tomorrow and then she can let Ms. Kedley know about what time to come.

I stopped at Donna's house and gave her some oranges to give to the kids for an afternoon snack.. Ben was so happy to see me. He always gives me big hugs and kisses. He gives the best kisses. He told me he was going to go see his Daddy this evening.. It was his birthday.. He seemed very excited ~! It was nice to see him and the other kids that are at Donna's house. They all enjoyed the oranges. JoGram came to pick up Ben and he was happy to see her and off they went.. He gave me a kiss and hug goodbye and said "See you in a few days GranAnnie". Then he said "I'm going to school next week".. It's going to be fun.. Glad to hear he is looking forward to going. The pictures must of helped him.

Came home this evening and got all my groceries put away that I bought in Marion. Had supper and then took my Ipod outside and listened to Pastor James MacDonald and took notes of his sermon. He is talking about "Let the Glory Come Down".. It's all about the word of God and how important prayer is in our lives.

Time for me to go to bed.. Have a big day planned.. Cleaning the upstairs bedroom closet and dressers.. Time to get rid of things. Here I come Goodwill.

Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Ben has so much energy. He must have been so tired after all the climbing. He looks so cute on the float with the puppet and eating his cupcake.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

PIe dough would be wonderful too.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh - we totally need to pick up a pack of Old Maid cards! I didn't know Pierce could be ready for that. We play a lot of Candyland and Cariboo right now.

rex22lbs said...

Go Bennie Go!! He sure keeps you busy. Glad to hear he is looking forward to school. Should be FUN!

Tracy said...

awww, love the photos of the kids and the moon is gorgeous!